Bio of Kim D'Eon

Kimberley Jan "Kim" D'Eon is a famous Canadian television person popularly known for her work in ‘Entertainment Tonight Canada’, CBC, and Food Network Canada. Currently, she is residing in Toronto, Ontario. She is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist. She has a scientific background in her studies along with Journalism.

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Is Kim D'Eon married?

There is no authentic information on Kim D'Eon’s marriage or husband. There is no reported information about her kids or other family members. However, one website reports that she stays in Toronto with her Partner and two cuddled cats.

Kim D'Eon’s career graph

Kim D'Eon has a science-based education in Nutrition. She has also earned an honors degree in Journalism. Born in Nova Scotia, Halifax, Kim D'Eon went to University of King’s College. She began her research for CBC’s TV show ‘Street Cents’ which is an Emmy Award-winning Youth show. She also participated in that show. Later, Kim started utilizing her personality and managerial skills in other projects like CBC Newsworld, and ‘Marketplace’.

She also worked as an On-air reporter for 'CBC News: the Hour'. In 2005, Kim joined Global’s “Entertainment Tonight Canada”. She played many roles for this program like Fill-in host, Senior Reporter, and Producer. She traveled to many places in the world and participated in many events. She hosted many events too.

Kim D'Eon joined Food Network Canada and she hosted ‘Family Cook Off’ in 2012. The show was based on fast-paced, cooking competition among Canadian Families. Kim feels passionate about her career in food and health. She has developed her official site where she puts her tips about wellness, shares some healthy recipes, about how to start fresh kitchen, etc. Kim is acting as Editor in chief of Vista Magazine, also an on-air expert on The Social and Marilyn Denis Shows.

She is also creative about evolving new healthy food recipes and conducting research on it. She is a well-known communicator. Her unique background in Media and Nutrition has also made her reach her fans in an innovative way. She is an Advocate of Real and Healthy food. Kim also inspires healthy changes in food.

What is Kim D'Eon’s Net Worth?


There is no official Information about Kim's net worth and earnings. However, one can estimate it to be in millions as she is a well-known and popular TV personality with a Unique educational background. Owing to her passion for Healthy and recipes, she is involved in various other projects too. She has many fans to follow her.

Some other facts about Kim D'Eon’s

Stevoreno’s on Brunswick Street in Nova Scotia is her favorite place to have a cup of Coffee. Biscuit on Argyle Street and Halifax Shopping Centre are Kim D'Eon’s favorite places for shopping back home at Nova Scotia. However, she admits that she doesn’t get time to shop when she travels home from Toronto. Fresh Mussels is her favorite meal. She likes Greek Salad at Athen’s Resto too.


17 Dec, 2018