Kevin Bridges

Kevin Bridges is famous television personality. He is very popular among the people for his various stand-up programs and appearances.

Kevin Bridges was born in the year 1986 on 13th November. He was brought up in Scotland. He was the eldest son of Patricia Bridges and Andy Bridges. He had a sibling named John who was ten years younger to him. The financial condition of their family was very poor and they even could not afford a living. In such a condition, bringing up two children was very difficult for them. Both of his parents had to work to earn a living but when he was only ten years old, his father passed away in a road accident.

The family was left broken after his father’s death. They had lost their only support. All the responsibility of the family now came on him, after his father. As his brother was still just some months old, it was not possible for his mother to go out for work. She had to stay back home to take care of his brother. He changed his school and started visiting a small government funded school in his town so that he had to pay only some minimal annual fees.

He joined a local garage and learnt some car repairing and other garage works. He started working in the same garage and also received a monthly payment from the garage. Though the earning was minimal, it was the only support for his family for three years. When his brother grew up to be three years old, his mother joined an office for working as a typewriter.

His mother's job did not last long and he had to go back to his garage life again. All these years, he had tried to keep up with his education somehow, but this was no more possible. He had to leave his school to earn for his family. When he was only sixteen years old, he had to leave his school, just after completing his education of tenth standard.

Besides facing many sorrows in life, he had the talent of bringing smiles to others’ faces. He had great entertaining talents and entertained everyone as a comedian. As he grew up and their financial condition improved, he wanted to establish himself as a comedian. It did not take him much time to become a comedian as he had amazing talents.

He started doing stand-up comedies which brought him fame and popularity. He gained so much popularity as a comedian that he started making guest appearances on various television shows and also visited as a judge to some shows. After this, he began his career as a host. He started doing radio hosting which became very popular for his humour play and puns. His followers also grew with his success and he tries to connect to his followers through the social networking sites like Twitter and Instagram. It has been recorded that now, he is dating Kerry Monaghan, which is a very pleasant surprise.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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