Kerri Browitt

Kerri Browitt is known because she is the wife of the actor Jim Caviezel. Their marriage had lasted for over 20 years now and they try to display to others that marriage is something that has to be cared for. Their relationship is caring and loving and it is even reflected in their children.

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Kerri Browitt does not have a celebrity status on her own and she is normal person. If it is not because of Jim Caviezel, none may have known her. Her career is being an English teacher in a high school of Seattle, in Washington. She likes to keep her personal life private and does not like to talk too much about her family. Jim is also selective and does not like to talk too much about his life.

With the teacher’s salary, Kerri Browitt cannot say that she has too much as a net worth. She gets enough that can help her to keep his household moving. However, this is not a problem because the husband is earning more as the famous actor. He can bring home more than what his wife brings. For all the roles he had, he has a net worth of around 25 million dollars.

Kerri Browitt got married to the actor Jim Caviezel from 1996. Before that time, they were dating for sometime before they got married. The two met for the first time during a blind date. The sister of Jim was the one who arranged for the meeting and they continued to see each other up to now. They have no children of their own but they adopted 3 children.

At the beginning, they wanted just one child and they adopted Lyn Elizabeth Caviezel who is called mostly Lele. Afterwards, they decided that they will adopt another child and they went to China to do that. But in the end, they adopted two children; they are David and Bo Caviezel. The two children were found out to have cancer so they decided to adopt them because none else would have adopted them. They have these children now and they help them to cope with their treatment. Even if the children are adopted, they are viewed as their own children and they are happy together.

According to their biography, Kerri Browitt is too young to her husband. The husband is closer to 50 while the wife is closer to 40s. However, the two look good and they act as older people.

James Caviezel is good looking and charming actor. He was born in 1968 together with other siblings like, Timothy Caviezel, Erin Caviezel Amy Caviezel and Ann Caviezel. He was born in Mount Vernon and he is American. He is tall with 1.88 meters. He became even more successful when he appeared as Jesus in The Passion of The Christ. He also appeared in Person of Interest, The Count of Monte Cristo and Thin Red Line.

31 Dec, 2017