Kenya Duke is the wife of the famous comedian Gary Owen. There is no doubt that anybody who has a penchant for humor and laughter will most certainly have a liking for Gary Owen. Being his wife certainly is a big thing and that is perhaps the main reason why Kenya Duke has been able to make a name for her in this flash world of silver screen.

Early Life

There are very few details about her early life and in the absence of a reliable biography it may not be possible to get full details about her date of birth, schooling, high schooling, graduation and other details. However, she is an American national and was born in Cincinnati. She is of black ethnicity and her marriage to Gary Owen is famous because it was one of the few inter-racial marriages in Hollywood. She is endowed with excellent looks and has a gorgeous body and this perhaps is a big reason why she is so popular in social media especially amongst men.

Personal Life

Her first marriage was with a man whose details are not clearly known. She had a child out of this marriage and the name of the child is Emilio. The marriage ended in a divorce. She got married again to Gary Owen, the renowned comedian. Their marriage took place on July 19, 2003 and they have been living happily for the past fourteen years.

They have three children out of their marriage and the entire family is happy from all points of view. While Kenya Duke often attends public functions and events with her husband, she prefers to be a house wife taking care of her husband and her children. There is no doubt that her personal life is a living example of successful inter-racial marriages in Hollywood.

Net Worth

Not much is known about the net worth of Kenya Duke but the net worth of her husband Gary Owen is estimated to be $ 3 million.


As far as her career is concerned she has nothing significant to showcase. She is better known as the wife of Gary Owen. Though she looks extremely beautiful and attractive she perhaps has decided to sacrifice her career in films and instead take care of the family. However, she has experience in working in a travel management company. She did appear in a few movies early in her career but nothing significant has come out of it.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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