Kelly Ring is now working at Fox 13. She is hard work and passionate about her work and she had established herself to be among the renowned journalist from United States. She had been able to build the fame and the name and she had made huge income.

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From her biography, Kelly Ring was born in United States and she was born in the year 1960. She was born in the middle class family and she spent most of her childhood in the city of Arkansas. She is of white ethnicity and she is of American nationality. She now lives in Tampa Bay area.

From early age, Kelly Ring got interested into writing and she wanted to pursue the career in the journalism field. Her parents encouraged her to do so. She finished the elementary education at a local school of the hometown and she joined the University Of Missouri School Of Journalism where she got a Journalism degree. Her first experience on the television is when she appeared on the television station of her university. Her first job was in Winston-Salem and she was working like a general assignment reporter. Afterwards, she moved to live in Tampa and here she joined Fox 13 in the year 1985. She is now working like a co-anchor of Fox 13, for 6 pm and 10 pm news. She had got 3 Emmy Awards because of her job. She had covered different stories and different news.

Married, husband, divorce

From her bio, Kelly Ring is married but the name of her husband is not known. The two got married in the year 1995 and in 2013; she uploaded a pictures on their 18th anniversary. They have 3 children together.

They are Kendall, Raleigh and Clark. She had no record of divorce. Her wedding ring was custom designed. It is a brown diamond over a 14K Rose Gold. She is involved into social networking media and she has 10.000 followers on his Twitter account and 20K on the Face book account.

Net worth

Even if her net worth is not disclosed, she gets most of her money from her working in the media. Kelly Ring featured in the Tampa Bay Inspirational Mom. Her children are Kelly of 16, her son of 16 years old, Clark, her daughter of 14 years old and Raleigh, her son of 11 years. She was asked how she can balance her demanding job with the pressure of being a mother. She says that she tries to be organized and have the calendar for the events of the kids and they sit with her husband every week to make up the schedule of the coming week. She also tries to have a dinner with the family for 3 days a week. She can go home between the newscasts of 6pm to that of 10pm. During her Christmas time, she goes to Arkansas where she visits her family and during the summer, they travel. More information about her can be gotten on her wiki pages.

26 Feb, 2019