Kelly Berning

When we look at the biography of Kelly Berning, we are looking at the life and times of an established film editor. She has done quite a few film editing jobs and she earned name and fame for the 2001 television show, The Amazing Race and also quite a few other shows. She was born on October 14, 1977 and though she is just around 40 years old, she has been able to achieve quite a bit in the world of film editing.

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Early Life

Nothing much is known about her early life apart from her date of birth which has been mentioned above. She was born in a place called Independence, Kentucky in USA. She is American by nationality and apart from it nothing much is known of her. However, it is quite evident that she did have a natural liking and attachment to films and she gradually chose to become a film editor. However, it did not happen overnight and it was certainly one big struggle in more ways than one.

Personal Life

When it comes to the personal life of Kelly Berning it is shrouded in mystery and nothing much is known. However, there are reasons to believe that she was married before but the name of her husband has been kept a secret. There are some sources which state that she has divorced her husband but here again no authentic verification of the fact is possible. She informed in one of the shows that she was married once but other details have not been shared by her. Hence it would be difficult to find out whether she is divorced, dating somebody, or into an affair or relationship. She prefers to keep it secret and away from the prying eyes of her followers and fans.


As far as her career is concerned, she is best known for her work in the television show The Amazing Race which she did in 2001. She followed it up with the 2009 show Beyond Twisted. Further, she also continues to be remembered for her famous show TMZ which was aired in 2007 and which again is a small TV performance of hers. Her performances have earned her popularity in Hollywood too.

Net Worth

Her net worth should be around $300,000 which is not very impressive. However, given the fact that she is talented and has stunning looks, she might do well in her editing job and also do well perhaps even as an actress at some point of time.

09 Jan, 2018