Aged 47, Kari Matchett was born on March 25th 1970. Kari Matchett was born in Spalding, Saskatchewan in Canada; she is an actor by profession and has been very active from 1996 to date. She is famous for playing the character of Joan Campbell in the film Covert Affairs and in the sci-fi movie Cube2: HyperCube as Kate Filmore. On top of that she has featured in numerous films like Angel Eyes I 2001, Civic Duty in 2006, Cypher in 2002, Apartment Hunting in 2000, Maudie in 2016 and The Tree of Life in 2011.

Education and early acting life

Kari Matchett went to Lethbridge Collegiate Institute in the small town of Lethbridge in Alberta. She later on joined the National Theatre School in the city of Montreal then the Moscow School of Theatre. After which she started stage performance at the Ontario’s Stratford Shakespeare Festival, this she did for 3 years.


Between 1998 and 2000, Kari Matchett had a supporting role in The Rez and after that became the main star in Power Play, playing as Colleen Blessed. Later on in 2002 she played the role of Kate Filmore in Cube 2: Hypercube. And in 2003 she worked alongside Timothy Hutton in Syfy’s miniseries titled Five Days of Midnight. In 2004 she played the role of a detective called Elain Bender in the series Blue Murder. In the same series she was a guest start who was a murder suspect, and she went ahead to get a Gemini Award for that role.

She played the main role in ABC’s series of 2005, Invasion, the base of this series was of aliens which impersonated humans. She later on got roles in Plague Story, Wild Card and Shark. She went ahead to play a role in The Intimate Stranger, as a single mom who’s stalked by her boyfriend.

She later on joined the cast of the hit TV show 24 playing the role of Lisa Miller. The same year she played the role of Kate Armstrong in Heartland, a TNT series. In 2006, she played as the main character in Civic Duty starring alongside Peter Krause. The also had a repeated role in Leverage an TNT series playing the role of Maggie Collins.

She appeared in the TV series ER as Skye Wexler the ER chief. Some of her latest appearances were in the movie Maudie in 2016 as Sandra and also as a supporting cast in the Tree of life where she worked alongside Brad Pitt and Sean Penn. She won the Palme d’Or in 2011. During her whole career Kari Matchett has gotten several nominations and also won several awards like the Gemini Award.

Personal Life

Kari Matchett got married to T. W. Peacocke in 1998. But later on she and her husband got divorced. Kari Matchett hasn’t got that many children, she only has one child, a daughter, Jude Lyon Matchett. This Canadian actress has been estimated to have a net worth of around $3M.

Last Modified: Apr 5, 2020

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