Justine Maurer

Justine Maurer Bio, age

Justine Maurer, born on 8th May 1968, has been a former costumer for the film entitled “Carlito’s Way”. She is also known for being the wife of John Leguizamo, a renowned screenwriter, playwright, and voice actor. It had been on the set of “Carlito’s Way” that she came in contact with her would be husband. She is widely believed to be a loveable and kind woman who balances her professional and personal life well. Justine is usually seen hand in hand with her husband who is marching smartly in his professional career.

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Justine Maurer  Personal Life , married, divorced and dating

Justine Maurer is of white ethnicity, and her nationality is American. Much is not on the record about her parents and siblings. Not much is known about her childhood, family background, and education.

Justine is a married woman who dated John Leguizamo, her boyfriend, for around five years before marrying him. John Leguizamo has been an outstanding actor, producer, and stand-up comedian. Justine has been his second wife. Previously, he had married Yelba Osario, an actress, in 1994, but their relationship did not go farther and they divorced each other in 1996. Justine met John on the set of “Carlito’s Way”, and this chance meeting turned into a relationship. He played the role of a drug dealer in the film Carlito’s Way”, and got attracted towards the beautiful costumer Justine Maurer.

They dated each other for five years before tying the knot on 5th July 2003. The marriage ceremony had been solemnized as per the Jewish-Catholic rituals as Justine has been a Jewish while John a Catholic. They has been blessed with two children; a son and a daughter who has been named Ryder Lee “Lucas” Leguizamo and Allegra Sky Leguizamo respectively. Both these children took birth before their parents Justine and John had married.

However, this did not affect their relationship after marriage in any way. The daughter took birth on 23rd October 1999 while their son was born on 5th December 2000. Their daughter Allegra Sky has been an actress like her father. Their son has also been an actor.

They are now married for fifteen years and are pulling on well. There is no rumor of any extra-marital relationship or affairs, and Justine has not divorced her husband as yet. The family is young and vibrant and leading a very active and buoyant social life. They are enjoying life to the hilt, and post family pictures on Instagram regularly.

Justine Maurer  Career and net worth

Justine has been a customer since 1993 when she worked a costumer for the film Carlito’s Way. She has garnered much wealth from her professional career. However, there is little on record bout Justine’s professional career apart from that of her husband. Justine must have accumulated a huge fortune, but there is nothing on record about her net worth in her biography. Her husband John Leguizamo’s net worth is staggering $25 million. There is no information about Justine Maurer having received any awards in her career so far.

24 Nov, 2018