Julie Kirtz

Julie Kirtz is a well known journalist. She has made her career under the guidance of her mentor and husband, Garrett. Her presence of mind and humorous answers to questions asked made her very famous. Her beautiful looks has also helped her to become successful in media circle.

Personal Life

Born on 24th June 1960, Julie is married to Major Garrett and couple is happily married for 25 years. There are no rumors of couple getting divorce or getting into a fight. She is mother of two children, Hayley and Cori. Mutual trust and love in their relationship is the main reason for the family to be happy and together for so long. When Major was facing hard times Julie stood beside him and helped him to pass difficult times. Julie supported him and watched him get succeed.

Julie is a very effective mom and has given them complete independence to her children on choosing choice of their career. Julie’s salary and her net worth are not disclosed by her or are not available on the internet. But it is rumored that Julie’s and her husband net worth is close to 5 million US dollar. The couple lives their life in Washington. Julie is not very active on social media, due to which she has low online fan following. Her husband is very active on social media sites and keeps posting photos and tweets about their family. Julie use to work with her husband in Fox News, but now she has decided to start her own media production house.


Following her dream, Julie’s passion towards journalism is the reason for her career choice, instead of money. Same as her husband Julie started her career as a journalist. She followed her passion and dream and she made her way to the top. She is a news correspondence and a journalist at Fox News. Julie has very strong network in media. Julie also works as a freelancer in media business.

Julie and her husband Major lives in Washington and couple works in Fox New Washington branch. She has helped her husband to cover Obama’s presidential campaign. Her contribution was not highlighted by the media but Major has shared and gave her 100% credit for her contribution in covering one of the major events in US history. Julie before covering any news she does a complete analysis and then reports it, due to which her reports are supposed to be credible. Her way of managing events is very famous and is much appreciated.

Julie has thought of opening her own media production house. She has very good contacts in media ad her husband’s fame has helped her to increase her importance in media circle, in a very short span. Her biography is very good example to motivate people and it helps them teach how to manage their personal and professional life.