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Apart from being a CBS producer, Julie Chen is as well a news anchor and TV personality. The January-born news anchor has served for a long time as the host of Big Brother, which is a reality television program. Julie’s net worth is $8 million.

Personal Life

Julie Chen’s parents are Chinese immigrants, and she has two older siblings named Victoria and Gladys. Little information as it relates to her parents’ background is known. However, with regards to her extended family, Julie’s grandfather was a polygamist known for having eleven children and married to nine wives. He sustained such a large family through his grocery stores.

Regarding Chen’s educational background, she did her schooling at St. Francis Preparatory School and Junior High School. Later on, Julie decided to major in English and pursue broadcast journalism at the University of Southern California. Judging from Julie’s present success in journalism, the university went a long way in instilling in her the relevant skills and qualifications.  

While working at ABC News, Julie met with Gary Donahue, and after a short while, she entered into a relationship with the news editor. With time, Leslie Moonves, the C.E.O of CBS Television, grew interest in Julie. Clearly, Julie could not resist Leslie’s charms since they started dating. However, Leslie was still the husband to Nancy Moonves during this time. After their marriage went sour, Leslie’s wife, Nancy, thought it best for the relationship to be terminated and hence, filed for divorce.

Moonves and Julie got married in 2004 in a wedding that was conducted in private in Mexico. The couple named their son Charlie Moonves. Charlie will be turning 18 years of age in September 2017. In her words, Chen expressed that at some point she was forced to undertake blepharoplasty by her former director. This decision brought a sense of division in her family. She considers her son as the link to her Chinese roots.  

Career Life

After graduating with such proficiency in English as well as broadcasting, Julie Chen started her journalism career professionally at ABC News. However, she had previously worked at CBS as an intern whose job was answering phones before landing other roles. Her lowest position at ABC was being a desk assistant. After much show of commitment and professionalism, Chen landed a promotion to being a producer.

After a year at ABC, Julie shifted jobs to WDTN-TV working as a news anchor as well as a reporter. With regards to movies and TV shows, Chen has made appearance on TV shows including The Early Show as well as the NCIS: Los Angeles film. In the film, Julie’s role was as a U.S. Ambassador. While hosting Big Brother in 2000, Chen was marked by rigorous criticism due to her poor studio audience interaction. As such, she gained the nickname “Chenbot.” This nickname, however, brought no hard feelings on her. In fact, according to IMDB, Chen once quoted that being “Chenbot” calls for her to embrace her inner self. Julie is now The Talk show moderator at CBS.

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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