Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews, a role model for thousands, is a profound singer, actress and author. She is world widely known for her musicals and remarkable acting skills.

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Julie Andrews was born in England. Her mother was Barbara Ward Wells. As for her father, Julie disclosed in her autobiography that she was the love child resulting because of an affair her mother had with a family friend. Julie faced a rough childhood, tinted with an abusive alcoholic stepfather and poor living conditions. Their lifestyle began to improve when the career of her parents began to set as vaudeville stage performers.Her birth name was JULIA ELIZABETH WELLS, and her stage name was Julie Andrews.

From her childhood, Julie loved singing and soon her parents realised that she has a unique talent in singing. They began to focus on her career and soon Julie started to display her singing skills in musicals. She made her Broadway debut in 1954 when she took part in THE BOYFRIEND.

After two years in 1956,she rose to the heights of fame when she performed as ELIZA DOLITTLE in Broadway musical MY FAIR LADY. Following the musical, her position remained secure when she acted in CINDERELLA .

Julie made her film debut in 1963 when she took part in Walt Disney’s film MARY POPPINS. MARY POPPINS proved to be a huge success and highest grossing film of that time and got Julie Academic Award and the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress in 1964. Julie continued to star in musicals,films and tv shows. She married Tony Walton in 1959 and took divorce in 1967,then she married Blake Edwards in 1969.In 1972-73,she hosted a variety show The Julie Andrew Hour,which won 5 Grammy awards.

Julie debuted in drama world in 1991 with made-for-tv film,Our Sons. She recorded two solo albums in 1994 and 1995. in 1997, Julie underwent a throat surgery because she developed hoarseness in her voice. But the surgery bounced back on her singing career and took away her aesthetic soothing tone,leaving her with a hoarse raspy voice. She filed a malpractice suit against the doctor and underwent four more surgeries in the hope of getting back her voice.

While she got her voice back,she lost her singing abilities. But she did not lose hope and engaged herself in other activities. In recognition of her services, she was made Dame Commander in 2000 by Queen Elizabeth II. In 2001, Julie was casted in Disney Film THE PRINCESS DIARIES and in its sequel,THE PRINCESS DIARIES 2:ROYAL ENGAGEMENT. She sang for the first time after her surgery in the sequel and moved the hearts of many!

In 2003,Julie made her debut as a director by directing the remake of THE BOYFRIEND. In 2007, Julie was presented with LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD and in 2008 ,she published her autobiography Home: A Memoir of My Early Years. She also played the voice role of queen in SHREK series and also as the never pleased mother in despicable me. Till today, she is an active worker and also a successful mother of three children.

17 Feb, 2018