Joy was born on 8th December 1968 in Brooklyn, New York . She is a daughter of Congolese father and a Guyanese mother. However she moved with her family in Denver, Colorado. Her mother died of cancer when she was 17 years old and taken care by her aunt. Likewise her father died in 2015. She is 5 feet 9 inches tall.She completed her gradation in B.A from Harvard University in 1991 with major in films. She is also a 2003 Knight Centre for Specialised Journalism fellow. She is an excellent journalist. She is a former managing editor of the is an American website which provides news, entertainment, opinion and video contents to African American audience.

She is the author of the book fracture: Barack Obama, the Clintons and the Racial Divide published by Harper Collin in 2015. She also serves as an online News editor for NBC, affiliate WTVJ in Miami FL. She is a host of ‘Radio One’ . She serves as a Florida deputy communication director for the 527 ‘American Coming Together’ during 2004 presidential campaign. She provide press aide to president Barak Obama in 2008 election campaign . Her articles are also appeared in the New York Times, the Miami Herald, the south Florida Sun-Sentinal, South Florida times and She is one of the few black and successful journalist who are working at the MSNBC.

She is married to Jason Reid. Jason Reid is a documentary film editor for the Discovery channel. She is a mother of three kids. She resides in Brooklyn with her family. She covers various topics related to politics. She is very successful in her professional life. She is very popular in social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. She has her own personal website where she shares her opinion and posts on various issues. She has followed by 281 thousand on Twitter. She has dedicated more than 18 years of life in her profession. She accumulated huge salary in her profession. According to recent reports her net worth has reached around 1.5 million dollars .

She is very focused towards her career. She is deeply affected by discrimination against coloured people and always fight against that. She entirely focus her career to create better place to live. She always want to change the mindsets of people. She actively involve in awareness program about abortion and women's dilemma. She always presents her idea and knowledge effectively. She has never been fired in her long time career. She also worked as junior staff before she began her career in 1998. She has a great personality and a sexy body. She is currently producing a documentary called ‘The fight years’ which focus on the sports of boxing during the 1950’s and 1960’s in Miami. She never associated with any controversy. She lives a very secret life. Her dedication towards her work always recognised and appreciated. She is also considered as investigating journalist. She become giant in the field of political journalism.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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