Joseph William Gilgun or Joe Gilgun is a British actor famous for his role as Cassidy of Preacher. He is also famous for the role of Eli Dingle of Emmerdale.

Personal life

Joe was born in Chorley. He has two sisters. He has dyslexia and ADHD. He started a drama workshop at an age of eight. He has talked a lot about his childhood struggle with his problems which led to depression and anxiety disorder. He took up a degree in fashion design but, dropped off.

Previously, he dated Vicky McClure of This Is England. The relationship did not last for long. There were a lot of rumors about Joe being gay. In an interview, he said that he is not very successful in relationship with women and that does not mean that he is gay. He also insisted that being single for a considerable amount of time does not mean that he is homosexual. The gay rumors started with a picture of him sitting on a man’s lap. Since he did not comment immediately on it, the rumors started to spread a lot. No one has come up to the media and claimed to be his boyfriend. He was never a part of any extra marital rumors. He was never known to have been in a relationship, after Vicky. Impact of his medical conditions on his dating life is not known to media. He was never married or engaged. He has never fathered a child.

He never talked about his parents or sisters. He did talk about his problems and how he got through them. Thus, most of his childhood is not known to media. No woman has come up to media to talk about her romantic affair with him. Since he keeps his personal life to himself, there is nothing that we will be able to know about him in near future. His net worth and salary details are not known to the media.


His first role was in Coronation Street, when he was 10. He played the role of Jamie Armstrong, till 1997. He took a break from acting on TV to try his luck with stage and local production. He played in Borstal Boys as Charlie Millwall. The critics loved the play and he was not able to withstand the break. He got confused with everything and took up a job as plasterer.

He got back to acting in 2006 in, ‘This Is England’. He again took a break in 2010 and got back in 2011 with a role as Rudy in Misfits. In 2013, he starred in a BBC series, Ripper Street. His latest film is The Infiltrator of 2016. His latest TV series is Preacher.

He has been nominated for several awards including British Soap Awards, National TV Awards, British Independent Film Awards, Digital SPY Awards, BAFTA Awards and others. He won Virgin Media TV Awards and SFX Awards in 2012 for his role as Rudy in Misfits. His career milestones and goals are not known to media as he does not talk about his career ambitions on-screen. His future projects in hand are not known to the media.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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