Joseph Charles is a famous politician in the American Democratic Party. He had served the country for quite a long time.

Personal life

Joseph Charles was born in the year 1944 on January 6 to his parents in Paris. He was the only child of his parents and was brought up with much care and disciplines. From childhood only, he had experienced a disciplined lifestyle. His father has always been his inspiration in the various stages of life. As a student, he was a good student. Throughout his school and university life, he has achieved a lot of appreciation from his teachers for his excellent performance in studies.

He got the chance of studying in the Rutgers University, from where he graduated with excellent marks in Chemistry. In his university days, he was quite famous due to his leadership qualities. These qualities convinced him more to choose the career as a politician. He, as a leader has served a lot for the New Jersey country where he worked for many years and is still holding a position. As a politician, he has achieved a lot of success and fame in his career. Due to the higher positions, he has also earned a lot which is the reason of his luxurious lifestyle and high net worth. Apart from these achievements, he has also received a lot of prestige in his career.


Just after completing his graduation, he joined a local political party. He has also received much cooperation from his family. Charles achieved the success quite earlier in his career and wanted to achieve something bigger. He started increasing his contacts and met new people who belonged to the higher positions in the politics career. During the year 2002, his life came across a huge change when he got the chance to serve the New Jersey Senate.

In the next year only, he got the chance to represent the Legislative District. During these years, he has also served in the lower house of the New Jersey Legislature and in the General Assembly where he held a prestigious position. Now, he holds the position of a judge in the New Jersey Superior Court. He was offered this position due to his high qualifications and experiences in the political career. Also, his wide range of popularity has helped him a lot to move further in his career.

He started his career as an attorney general during the year 1970. After this, he has also got the chance to serve as the Assistant Majority Leader, Assistant Minority Leader and also as the Minority Leader Pro Tempore. Before joining the court as a judge, he resigned from his Senate position in the same year, 2003. His leadership qualities has always brought the lime light of the mass media on him and has also fetched him much recognitions in his political career. Throughout his career, he has received much support from his family, friends and followers which has helped to shape him into the person he is today.

Last Modified: Jul 4, 2020

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