Jorge Ramos

Jorge Ramos is one of the most acclaimed journalists of the American news channels. He has written many books which focus on improving the conditions of immigrants in the United States.

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 How old is Jorge Ramos? Who is Jorge Ramos wife?

Jorge Ramos took birth in the Mexico City of Mexico on the date 16th March, 1958 with the name Jorge Gilberto Ramos Ávalos given to him by his birth parents. He was raised in the Bosques de Echegaray vicinity of Naucalpan which is a precinct in the Mexico City. He comes from an extremely orthodox Catholic family and due to that fact he did Catholic schooling in his high school years where he claims that the priests physically abused him.

He completed his graduation by gaining his majors in the subject of communications from a Mexican university named Universidad Iberoamericana. He attained his master’s degree in the subject of international studies from the University of Miami which is situated in Florida. He officially changed his nationality to an American in the year 2008 after years of living in America and finally reaching the decision of never returning to Mexico.

He has been associated with many women in matters of his relationships and have had had a number of committed relationships including his 2 failed marriages with Gina Montaner and Lisa Bolivar. He has 2 children, one daughter named Paola Ramos with Gina and one son named Nicolas Ramos with Lisa.

He is currently in an official relationship with Chiquinquirá Delgado, who is an actress of Venezuelan descent, from the year 2011. His daughter was involved in the campaign of Presidency of Hilary Clinton. He is spiritually an independent thinker and has a disbelief in racial discrimination on the basis of religion and country and he vocally disproves these norms.

 Jorge ramos Career and net worth

Jorge Ramos has been in the journalism business from a very young age. In his 20s he used to work on many news channels covering short stories in the city of Mexico. After that he emigrated from Mexico and came to Los Angeles on a student visa. After taking lessons in journalism he started working in the Spanish International Network (SIN) based in California. Then he took the job of anchoring the morning show “Noticiero Univision” which came under the national network of SIN and he has been working there since the year 1986 telecasting news in Spanish language.

Even though his network stopped him from covering certain stories and saved him from going places like the war happening in Afghanistan, he took the initiative to visit these places himself to tell the untold stories. He always took his work seriously and decided to be the voice to the people who were never heard. He has been an interviewer to many famous and important personalities like Barack Obama due to his enormous viewer list.

In 2015, Ramos got into an extremely heated argument with the presidential candidate Donald Trump as he denied him his right to interview him and counteract his opinions on the conditions he panned out for the immigrants of the country. He has authored many books in which he writes quite boldly about his standing opinions against the societal bondages. He earns about 3 million US dollars in a year and his calculated net worth is estimated to be around 12 million US dollars in the year 2017.

24 Nov, 2018