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As an advisor in investments as well as an economist, Jonas Ferris appears on Cashin’ In, an investment news program, and Fox Business’ Channel. Aside from becoming a panelist at Fox Business Network, Jonas also founded and edits the website’s content which is oriented towards financial advising. In addition to that, articles on Ferris’ financial remarks are posted on Fox Business News and NEW York Post websites including

Jonas’ love for dogs saw him post on Twitter that he considers himself a dog wrangler. Ferris’s net worth is $5 million. Behind his success, Jonas’ journey has been rough. However, Ferris’ dedication could not afford him any laxity whatsoever, and his hard work has proved fruitful earning him admirable wealth. However, Jonas’s precise salary is not mentioned. Among businessmen, Ferris has gained numerous followers.  

Personal Life

Jonas biography has it that he was born on September 13, 1971, in Southfield, Massachusetts. According to IMDb, Ferris parents are artists. With regards to his education, Jonas pursued business studies and accrued success in the field. While schooling, Ferris passion for economics made him think of becoming an entrepreneur. However, he later chose to work on TV and as a business writer. His business articles have propelled his prominence quite significantly. After gathering adequate experience from working on local channels, Jonas made his way to national broadcasting channels.

Jonas is of a friendly personality as he loves being in the company of his friends or just around people. Also, he upholds honesty, especially in his work environment. However, as far as transparency is concerned, Ferris draws a limit as it relates to revealing about his personal life. But it is openly known that Jonas is married to Dagen McDowell. Dagen became Jonas’ girlfriend a short while after crossing paths during a program segment. Jonas' wife, McDowell, is employed at Fox News as an anchor.

Currently, Ferris and McDowell have no children. However, this doesn’t hinder Ferris from maintaining a balance between his professional and family life. The couple is far from being speculated for a divorce, and neither does it seem to be in marital wrangles or extra-marital affairs. Their mutual understanding is what cements their relationship. The couple enjoys going for vacations.

Career Life

According to Jonas’ remarks, the business analysts started his career in 1993. During Ferris’ humble beginnings, he started off as a producer and produced for Cavuto on Business. The segments Jonas produced include The Willis Report and Biz Blitz. Some of the shows Jonas has appeared on include Your World with Neil and Money with Melisa Francis.

In 2002, at the time Jonas joined Fox Business Network, he served as a panelist. But after garnering experience, Ferris became a co-founder and editor of is a website dedicated towards the provision of financial services as well as advice to consumers. In addition to Jonas editorial role for the website, Jonas also writes articles which are posted on Fox Business News and New York Post as well as

Last Modified: Mar 8, 2020

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