The great comedian, John Caparulo took birth on 22nd of September 1975 in East Liverpool of Ohio. He is presently 41 years old and stand-up comedy and acting are his forte. He is an American and has been progressing in his career as a comedian since 1997. His very famous works include Vince Vaughn’s Wild West, Comedy Tour, Chelsea Lately and Work It, while out of these Chelsea lately which is a talk show is his best work so far.

John did his graduation from Kent State in the year 1998. Initially he used to do stand-up comedy at nightclubs in Ohio and Pittsburgh. He used to work as a doorman at a Comedy store and later as a groundkeeper at a gold course. Thus, he started stand-up at a really low level but he was so good at it that people usually praised him and so he decided to make his career in the same field.

In the year 2003, he did the Just For Laughs festival which was held in Montreal from where he got various offers like working for ‘The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn’. He made his appearance in ‘The Tonight Show’ and ‘Blue Collar Comedy Tour: The Next generation’.

He also did John Caparulo: Meet Cap in 2008 which was a comedy special, very soon the CD’s and DVD’s of the same came all over the market. He hosted ‘The Mad Cap Hour’ radio show with his wife and also does dubbing for many cartoons. On the Disney show ‘Fish hooks’, he dubs for the character Headphone Joe. Thus we see that John is a multi-talented personality and is full of versatility. Hosting, stand-up, acting, dubbing are all his fields where he works with utmost dedication and confidence.

John’s biography tells us that he also released a show on Netflix by the name ‘Come Inside Me’ in 2013 and then later in 2014 he started releasing Caplets every 30 days which is a set of comedy and has won hearts all over the world and is also available on John’s own website with no charges.

In 2010, John proposed Jamie Marie Caparulo and the two happily got married in 2012. When it comes to children, then Marie gave birth to a daughter named Madden Jae, who lives with her parents in California.

We see that John has a good hold in both the fields, films and television. The man has a huge fan following all over the world, His instagram followers, Youtube likes keeps on increasing day by day and he never fails to impress his audiences, People of all ages, may it be kids, teens,  elders, everyone loves watching John Caparulo.

His sense of humor inspires many people, youth of today who tend to make their career in the same field look up to him as an idol and dream to become like him one fine day. John has always earned a handsome amount in his field and his present worth is estimated to be 500 USD.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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