The famous American Baseball player and manager, Joseph Elliot Giradi, was born 14th October, 1964 in Peoria Illinois. At present Joe works as a professional baseball manager for the New York Yankees. Joe was a catcher during his playing career. He played for the Chicago cubs, St. Louis Cardinals and Colorado Rockies. The first team he managed in his career was the Florida Marlins; Joe also earned the title of National League Manager of the Year. The net worth of the player is estimated to be more than $10 million. His Salary is estimated to be $ 4000000

Early Life of the Joe Giradi

Joe Giradi spent his early life in East Peoria Illinois. He went to the Neil Armstrong grade school in East Peoria. In Sweeney Giradi’s father coached him for the baseball. Joe also attended the Academy of Our Lady Spalding Institute in Peoria. Here, he played football as well as baseball. In basketball he was a catcher while in football he was a quarterback. Joe Graduated from the Northwestern University in Illinois with the Bachelor’s of Science in Industrial Engineering. He was also an elected member of the fraternity Alpha Tau Omega despite of being freshmen. This indicates the Joe had an impressive and active time period in University.

Career of Joe Giradi

Joe was drafted in 1986 MLB (Major League of Baseball. He was selected in fifth round by the Chicago cubs. Before making his major league debut, Joe had to spend four seasons in Chicago’s minor League System. On 4th April, 1989 Giradi made his debut in Major League with Chicago cubs. In 1992 expansion draft he left the cubs and joined the Colorado Rockies. In 1995 Joe was traded to New York Yankees in exchange of the pitcher Mike Dejean. In the year 2000 he again joined the Chicago Cubs. Here he also earned the title for All star player of the year. After this he played for the St. Louis Cardinals in the year 2003.

After his retirement Giradi started his broadcasting career. He worked as a commentator for Yes Net Work. He started his career as manager with Florida Marlins in 2005. After this he started working with New York Yankees as manager in 2008.

As a player he was named All Star in 2000, He played the World Series Champion three times; in 1996, 1998 and 1999. As a manager he played the World Series Champion in 2009. He was also given the title of NL Manager of the Year 2006.

Personal Life

Joe married his wife Kimberly Innocenzi in 1990. The couple is blessed with three children Lena, Dante and Serena. There is a strong bond between Joe and his wife; this is the reason behind this happy family. They live in a luxury house in Purchase New York .Giradi’s father Jerry was a blue collar worker and a veteran in United States Air Force. He was died on 6th October 2012 at the age of 81. His father was suffering from the Alzheimer’s disease. That was the time of 2012 ALDS against the Baltimore orioles. Joe’s mother’s name was Angela Giradi. Her mother had died during Joe’s University years.

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