Joanne Harrison (nee Rhue) was born in the early 40s. She was raised in Kernersville, North Carolina. Her father Joseph Rhue, was the honorable county judge. There is no information about her early childhood, mother or siblings. She has attended the Kernersville high school since 1946 and graduated in the 1959. She married right after her High school and there are no any details about her additional education level.

During the 60s she was mostly a housewife, she looked after the newborn children and her house. She created the family at an early age and has since given all her time while her husband served and worked in the army. Despite the fact that most of her time she gave to her family, Joanna achieved huge success in real estate.

She started her career as an estate agent in the 1970. She obtained her real estate license and two years later opened her own office. While she reached her success, her husband worked for the Navy in an Diego, California, after he was discharged from the Navy, he worked part-time along with Joanne in her business. In the 1981 their business had a collapse because of declining real estate sales caused by interest rates as high as 18 percent and in the end it cost to Joanne and Richard Harrison $1 million dollars.

In the 1989 her husband and son Richard opened their own pawn shop. Later she became a co-owner of that shop and now is a head director. With more than 27 years of experience behind her, Joanna and her family business have built a successful store chain in the western United States.

She is a married woman. In the 1958 she met her future husband Richard Benjamin Harrison Jr. They both attended a barn dance. The couple tied their married knot on Jube 7, 1959. Previously to their marriage, her fiancé stole a car and was arrested. The court of law gave to him a choice to go to prison or the military. Joanne and Richard had one daughter, named Sherry, she died at the young age and also was born with Down syndrome.

They also have three sons, Joe, Richard Kevin and Chris Harrison. She also has grandchildren, Jennifer Lambert Harrison and Tabitha Cottingham as well as three kids from Rick Jr. and Deanna Burditt named Corey, Adam and Jake. . During all these years, the death of her daughter and the failures in business, Johanna had strong support from her husband.

Her total net worth is unknown, but the net worth of her son is approximately 10 million dollars. Currently, she resides with her family in Las Vegas, Nevada. Due to her age, she is not much popular in social networking sites, keeps all her information confidential and loves keeping all her matters private. She never became any part of rumor and controversy.

Last Modified: Mar 10, 2020

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