Joanna Pacula

Joanna Pacula is well known model of the glamour industry. She is also famous worldwide for showing her versatile acting skills. Joanna Pacula was born in the year 1957 on January 2nd. She was born in Tomaszów Lubelski, Poland. She was born in a small family and grew up with her sister. Joanna’s father was a successful engineer and her mother was a pharmacist. She belonged from a middle class family background.

From early childhood, her mother aspired to make both her daughters actress. Joanna’s father disagreed to this and wanted both her daughters to do well academically. Joanna also developed a strong interest towards the glamour industry. She used to read several fashion journals and magazines from her early teenage.

Joanna did not pay enough attention towards studies, which disappointed her father. When Joanna was dropped out from the school, she concentrated completely on her acting career. She trained herself for some years before going to the Aleksander Zelwerowicz State Theatre Academy. She pursued her acting career and earned the degree to establish herself as an actress in the industry. Joanna also had a great knack towards literature and fiction.

She used to read several dramas and plays whenever she got time. Joanna also used to write poems and stories. She never wanted to take up writing as her profession. She even wrote several scripts during the rehearsal sessions of her university. Joanna’s keen dedication and efforts towards acting made her the favourite student of professors. She has even received a scholarship and did not have to pay the fees of the final year of university.


Joanna began her acting career with the theatre stage. She has never done theatre acting previously in her career but due to her passion, she soon excelled at it. Initially she appeared in some minor plays of the theatre group. When the director saw Joanna’s skill and dedication, he was very impressed. He gave Joanna a lead role in the next play which earned her a lot of fame. After that, Joanna made several appearances in many major plays. Besides that, Joanna also pursued modelling.

Joanna had a good figure and took great care of her health. She has posed for several magazines during her modelling career. She has also been subjected to several controversies in the social media due to her bold poses. Joanna also appeared in several television commercials. She finally stepped into the film industry after devoting three years of her life to modelling. Joanna’s first appearance was in the film Gorky Park.

The actress was starred opposite a famous actor but she did not get nervous and imparted her role very well. Joanna has also received a lot of recognitions for her role in the film. Next, she has appeared in many other films, which has further increased her net worth. Joanna has not shared any information regarding her personal life yet so there is no information about her husband or children in her biography.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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