Jerry Solomon


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Jerry Solomon’s Life History

According to Jerry Solomon’s bio, he was born in 1954 to a man named Edward D. Solomon and a woman named Roberta Madison. Jerry Solomon’s father, Edward, was the former CEO of Shoe Town Inc. which was a retail chain. Details of Jerry Solomon’s other family members are unknown to the media. In the year 1978, Jerry Solomon graduated with a master’s degree in International Business from the prestigious Columbia University, prior to this he completed his undergraduate degree from the University of California, located in the city of Los Angeles.

Jerry Solomon has been one of the top most sports marketing executives in the United States of America. He has also been closely associated with ProServ and served them for in excess of fifteen years. ProServ is one of the largest sports marketing companies in the world. However, Jerry Solomon’s married life has gained more popularity in the media limelight rather than his job at ProServ.


Has Jerry Solomon been married?

Yes, Jerry Solomon, currently age 64, has been married twice in his lifetime. He was first married to Kathy Solomon. She was a tournament manager in Jerry’s earlier workplace, ProServ. In 1989, Jerry Solomon and Kathy Solomon were blessed with a child, a son, whom the couple named Clayton. It was due to Jerry Solomon’s alleged adultery that Kathy Solomon filed for divorce in the early 1990’s. The story spread like wildfire in the media and the duo officially separated in the year 1993, in the month of October.

Ever since his divorce to Kathy Solomon, Jerry Solomon re-married. He was married for the second time, and this time, it was to a woman named Nancy Kerrigan. The couple got married on the 9th of September, in the year 1995. The ceremony was held in the city of Boston. Nancy Kerrigan is an Olympic figure skating medalist and Jerry her sports agent initially. The couple has three children together, two sons, named Brian and Matthew, who were born in the years 2005 and 1997 respectively. The couple also has a daughter named Nicole, who was born in the year 2008. The struggle of the couple is well documented in the media as Nancy had to suffer 6 miscarriages.


What is Jerry Solomon’s Net Worth?

Jerry Solomon has been the president of a world-renowned sports organization and prior to that he was an active working member in different sectors of sports over decades, and this undoubtedly has helped him amass a fortune. However, details about his fortune are unknown to the public and it is rumored that the total net worth of the couple is approximately 8 million USD.

17 Nov, 2018