Jennifer Seyfried

Jennifer Seyfried was born in the 1982 to Ann and Jack Seyfried. She is native of Allentown, Pennsylvania State. Her mother is an occupational therapist and her father is a pharmacist. Her family is from German descent with little roots from Scotland and England. She also has a sibling, her younger sister Amanda is a famous American movie actress and singer. Sisters have a three years difference. Their parents raised them as a Christians. Jennifer attended a local school and then graduated from William Allen High School in 2000. There is no information about her further education.

She was interested in music from her early childhood. Along with her younger sister she makes a song cover and tried to write an own songs since age of fifteen. After her education period she started to begin her own music career. She was involved in the some music project before she joined to the band from Philadelphia, which named “Love City”. The band performed music in 60’s rock style and making special sound using an organ-driven rock way. During band music career, they released their own a self-titled LP album.

The band's record is being released to their fans in the 2009. The band experimented with their sound, their path starts with style garage rock and now they also create a composition in the form of psychedelic music. A local weekly journal of Philadelphia said about Love City "This retro style sounds like something between the Animals and the Mysterians. There are really sturdy enough songs. The kind of band like Love City sounds best with beer and close to other people, so be close to the stage with your big company".

In addition to her music career in Philadelphia, Jennifer Seyfried also involved in the public life of her sister. Despite the fact that she is in the shadow of the popularity of Amanda, they have a very close relationship. Two sisters spent a lot of time along with each other. Amanda calls her older sister like Kiki (one of the Julia Roberts’ character). Jennifer also was an assistant of her sister during filming some movies. In fact, Amanda also called her older sister like A-sister for her big help on her acting career time. Jennifer Seyfried also appeared on filming the movie “In Time” along with her sister in the 2011, as the member of a miscellaneous crew.

During the last years, Jennifer makes some new changes in her career way. She always was dreaming about successful music career, but now she turning her professional way to become a veterinary technician. Jennifer Seyfried is not married yet. There is no information about her relationships and dating. It seems like she is single now. Despite the fact, that she is older sister and pretty soon Jennifer will become an aunt, she still doesn’t have her own children in her thirty four years. Her total net worth is not disclosed by any source.

Last Modified: Mar 12, 2020

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