Jennifer Arnold

Jennifer Arnold (January 1, 1974), is a renowned neonatologist, motivational speaker, best known for her TV reality show, The little couple, where she stars along with her husband, Bill Klein. The show revolves around the lives of Jennifer Arnold (3 feet 2 inches) and Bill Klein ( 4 feet) who have skeletal dysplasia.

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Early Life

Jennifer Arnold first opened her eyes on January 1, 1974, in Orlando, FL. She grew up with her brother named David E. Arnold. Jennifer was born with skeletal dysplasia which is a kind of dwarfness which restricts the development of Cartilage and bones in a person’s body. She is 96.5cm (3 feet 2 inches) tall. Her parents Judy Arnold and David Arnold were shocked to learn about the same, however, this did not affect their lives much. Jennifer was raised along with her brother with equal love, respect and access to educational opportunities. She was taught to live with confidence and dignity.


Jennifer proudly holds two undergraduate degrees. One is from the University of Miami, Florida, where she earned a degree in Biology and psychology and the other is from Johns Hopkins school of medicine, Baltimore, MD, where she earned a medical degree in the year 2000. Her next destination was the Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh where she attended the Pediatric Residency Program. Later, during her neonatology fellowship, she acquired her M.SC from the prestigious University of Pittsburgh.


Jennifer is an expert in both Neonatal and Pediatric fields of medicine. She presently practices at Texas Children’s hospital as a Medical Director and also works in the Neonatal department in the country’s largest NICU. Apart from this, Jennifer stars on the TV reality show “The little couple”, along with her husband, Bill Klein. The couple’s short height became the selling point of the show and made it countrywide hit. She has appeared on many other reality shows before Little couple happened. This includes shows like Dr Oz, Oprah and The Today show.

Personal Life

Jennifer Arnold and Bill Klein got married in 2009. They were friends for a long time before getting hitched. The couple adopted two children, a son named Will Klein and a daughter named Zoey Klein. Will is from China and Zoey was adopted from an orphanage based out in India. It was during Zoey’s adoption proceedings when Jennifer was diagnosed with choriocarcinoma. This is a kind of cancer that occurred due to a failed pregnancy. She underwent various surgeries and chemotherapies to battle cancer and with the support of her family and fans, she became cancer-free in the year 2014.


Most of the special events like birthdays and anniversaries were made up on the show to get better TRP. The couple attracted the attention of few bad guys who tried to blackmail them for money and accused them of fraud, breach of contract etc, however, the show was popular enough to go on.

Net Worth

According to sources, the estimated net worth of Jennifer Arnold is $3.5 million. She get a handsome salary from her profession as a doctor and earns a massive amount for her TV reality show “The Little Couple”.

28 Sep, 2018