Jeff was born on 24 March 1970 and he is also known by the name of Jeffery Lewis. Jeff was born in Orange County in California in the United States of America. It is known that Jeff grew up in California with his parents and as per the information available, he is 6 feet and 1 inches tall.

Jeff earned fame as an actor and as a producer but as per the records, he is also a qualified interior designer. Jeff worked in several shows and some of the famous shows he worked in are Flipping Out, Jeff Lewis and even Property Envy. His shows were really famous and he won all his audience’s, heart. There is not a lot of information available about his parents but as per the records, Jeff’s parents had their roots in Europe but still, not much information is available about his parents, especially about his father.

As per the information available, Jeff’s mother passed away when his age was just 18 years old. The reason of his mother’s death is known to be cancer. It is also known that he was a surrogate child as his mother was unable to bear a child. The name of his mother was Zoila and Zoila was his surrogate Mother. It is known that Zoila worked as a housekeeper for Jeff.

Talking about his personal relationship, Jeff had been in a relationship with Gage Edwards and as per the information, Jeff had not been married yet. He also revealed that he is planning to get married soon and he will make Gage as his wife. The couple is known to be in a relationship for over 6 years and the couple also has a daughter. The name of Jeff’s daughter is Monroe Lewis and Jeff revealed that he had been really fond of children. He also said that he will get the best education for his daughter. The family together leaves in California.

It is also known that Jeff has a very nice nature and he is a hardworking man. This helps him in his career as the humor comes naturally. Even today, he works as a designer and he contributes a lot for his clients who need designs. In another interview, Jeff said that working on TV helped him in getting more business as TV got him fame which helped him in getting more clients. Jeff is very passionate about his work as well as career. Jeff also loves his family a lot and he said that his family is a driving force for him.

Jeff’s annual salary is not known but as per an estimate, Jeff was paid about 84 thousand dollars for a single episode. His income also comes from the production and endorsements but it can’t be estimated. Jeff’s total net worth is over 10 Million American Dollars and he worked really hard to reach this stage in his life. Jeff’s biography is not available on Wikipedia but it is available on several other online sources.