Jamie Deen is owner of restaurant The Lady $ Sons in Savannah, Georgia, which is one of famous restaurant in America. He is also known for as an author, cook and television personality. He has written many books on the cooking including four books with his brother. He is also famous as an entrepreneur and businessman.

According to the birth date of Jamie Deen 29th June 1967, he is only 49 years old. He was born on Monday in the savannah, which is hometown of his mother. He is child of Paula Deen, who is America’s popular culinary artist and celebrity. His has also a younger brother which name is Bobby Deen. The life of Jamie is fully from the Humanity, love, warmth and kindness that shows that he is son of Paula.

Deen brother have also hosted a television show which name was Road Tasted. But later, they decide to give the priority to expand of their family business. Now, he is hosting the second season of the popular TV show named Home For Dinner with Jamie Deen" for The Food Network. Jamie has a significant attention toward the business activities. He develops business strategies and polices similar to a business man.

Early Life

Jemie Deen is first son of the famous cooking icon Paula Deen and has a younger brother named Bobby Deen. After the passing the high school, Jamie began to work to as a delivery boy and he delivered sandwiches. It was the part of its family business. At the initial level, he was worked hard and has to success to introduce restaurant. The Lady & Sons’ established them one of the most popular and beloved families in America. The earlier name of Jamie Deen was James Linton Deen.


Parents of Jamie Deen

Paula Deen is a chef celebrity in America and operates her own restaurant United State. She has written approximately fourteen books on the cooking recipes. In the personal life, she had to face many problems. Her parents were died when she was only 23 years old. In order to survive further, she was started cooking by the guidelines of her grandmother in southern style of cooking.

At the initial stage, she was cooking chicken and dumplings and sold. In 1989, she went to Georgia with her sons after divorce with Jimmy Deen. In 2004, she was marry with again Michael Groover but did not change her name. At the time of the divorce with Jimmy Deen, she had only $200 that was not enough for Paula and her son. For surviving, she did the job of bank teller and insurance seller. After this, she was started a catering business and hers sons Jamie and Bobby delivered sandwiches.

Personal Life

Jamie was married with Brooke Terry Deen his wife on 5th March, 2005. Jamie Deen and Brooke Terry was met in college days and started fallen in love with each other and finally got married. They lived happily after their marriage and welcomed two children together. The first son name was Jack Linton Deen, which was born on 21st August, 2006 and Second children name was Matthew James Deen, which was born on 18th May, 2011.

There were no such kind of rumors about their married life that is divorce.“The home Dinner for Jamie Deen” was a new show of Jamie Deen, which was broadcasted on the channel Food Network on 16th June, 2016. This show was broadcasted with a motive for the viewers to have dinner within the kitchen at home. The Jamie earned a huge amount of money as a chef and TV show host.

Career Experience

Jamie Deen made his career by becoming an entrepreneur as well as businessman. He also played a role of an author. Jamie was involved in the now legendary small business that is “The Bag lady”. There mom play a vital role in the working life of Jenny because kost of work of Jenny was done with the help of his mom and younger brother Bobby as he helped them by delivering the lunch in the bag.

The Bag lady was taken as a concept by the family Deen that is great value, great food, and lot’s of love. This concept was expanded as the most successful restaurant of America, which was launched in 1989 with the name “The lady& Sons” in Savannah. In addition, there was a positive concern of Jamie to the business side that enabled his mom to craft the recipe.


Immediately, on the food network of their mom’s cooking show Jamie and Bobby became the regular appearances and later on, they launched their own show on the same network. Jamie also played a role of author with bobby who was his brother by accomplishing the authors and their four books were published. These four books named such as Take It Easy (2009), Y’all Come Eat (2008), Cookbook Recipes from the Road (2007), and lastly get fired up (2011). They have also expanded their business with the efforts of selling T-shirts, barbecue sauces, and line of spices. These products were sold at the Paula Deen Store and at the PaulaDeen.com that is online selling website. Today, on the boards of Bethesda home for boys was served by Jamie Deen. It also serves the coastal America’s Second Harvest.

Jamie Deen’s Restaurants and Business

The Lady & Sons is the home business of the Jamie which was started by his mother. In the success of the restaurant The Lady & Sons, there is a significant role of Jamie Deen. The restaurant concerns on the objective of delivering good food, good customer satisfaction and lot of love. Deen brother also have a range of spices and specialty barbecue sauces which are sold through online and in Deen’s stores.

Popular Recipes of Jamie

In the show Road Tasted, Jamie Deen introduced many dishes which come under its favorite dishes. Below are few favorite dishes of Jamie:

· Tilapia Foil Packets

· Hungarian Beef Goulash

· Brunswick Stew

· Turkey Tacos

· Green Bean Salad

· Hash Brown Cakes

· Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Shells

· Grilled Lemon and Rosemary Chicken

His restaurant is very famous as he is highly focused towards the quality of the food as well as the servicing. His recipes are online available too.

Last Modified: Apr 6, 2020

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