Jadiann Thompson

When you learn more about the life and achievements of Jadiann Thompson you are basically gaining knowledge and information about one of the good looking TV reporters. She has also been a three time Emmy Award winning reporter and right now she is employed in 7News Channel.

Apart from her beautiful looks and stunning figure, she also has been able to impress many thousands of her fans with her anchoring talent. Here date of birth is March 22 and nothing much is known about her year of birth. She belongs to Kansas City and she spent her entire childhood days there. She started her journalism journey and has worked as reporter, assistant news director and anchor in Mark II Media. This happened in 2009. She also has had experience in working as a journalist and anchor for evening programs for KSHB and also KPHO.

Personal Life

Talking about her personal life it would be pertinent to mention that she did her graduation from the University Of Arkansas and Journalism was her special area of focus. She specialized in broadcast journalism. She also has worked as a college intern in 2006 for a senator. In fact she did not start her career as a journalist. She started earning first working as English teacher in Madrid.

Though it is quite obvious that she must have dated many men in her life, she prefers keeping it secret and away from public gaze. Hence it would not be possible to peep into her private life. But she is known to be very fit and she also engages herself in horse racing and other such activities.

Her Areas Of Specialization

During her tenure with KPHO she spent quite a bit of time reporting on immigration reforms. She is known to have spent almost a fortnight on the ground covering Wallow Fire. Many would be aware that this was the largest fire in the history of this state. Her brave coverage had won her many supporters and this certainly is an important landmark as far as her biography is concerned.

She also was actively engaged in the social media. Her success journey continued to grow step by step and over the past few years she went on to become one of the most admired evening anchor and news reporter during the prime time of 6 PM Monday through Friday.

Right now Jadiann Thompson is working as evening anchor for WHDH TV. She has been working with 7NEWS for over two years now. She is the main anchor for quite few news in the 6 PM, 7 PM and 11 PM slots.

She also has been awarded Emmy awards for her achievements quite a few times. She won the first such award as the best anchor on Wifi hacking as far as Phoenix area was concerned. She has won this award thrice. The second award was for being the best anchor and the third one was running a story on the FAA loosening their restrictions on the use of cell phones while on flight. It also would be interesting to have a closer look at her networth. It is not sure as to how much it will be but she does earn a very handsome income and her net worth is under review.

Last Modified: Mar 7, 2020

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