Jackie Evancho

Jackie Evancho is a famous musician of the music industry. She is known to the world for her talents in classical music. She has earned popularity through her solo music albums.

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Personal life

Jackie Evancho was born in the year 2000, on April 9. She was born in Pittsburgh at Pennsylvania in the United States. She was born in a Catholic family to her parents, Michael Evancho and Lisa. She grew up with her elder sister, younger sister and brother. She was very close to her elder sister. As her elder sister was a transgender, she was always subjected to many teases but Jackie has always stood by her sister. She has always been her support.

Her father was into the business industry and she belonged from a very good family background. Jackie never had to face any kind of financial crisis during her growing up period. She went to the Pine Richland School District along with her siblings to take her education. She developed an interest towards music from her middle school days. She got the inspiration of singing from her mother. Jackie also joined the music club of her school. She had an excellent voice and besides that, she also excelled in instrumental music.

Before taking any professional music lessons, Jackie took training from her mother for classical music. As she excelled in classical music from an early age, it was easier foe her to learn the music of other genres. Jackie has also appeared in many music competitions. She has won many competitions which has further added to her fame as a singer. Jackie got involved in music so much that she started ignoring her studies.

When she was in high school, Jackie opted for online education. As she was already getting many offers for recordings, it was not possible for Jackie to go to school everyday. But her parents asked her to concentrate in her studies so she had to rejoin her school again. Besides music, Jackie has other hobbies like horse riding, sports, cooking, sewing and interior designing. She also loved to spend her time with her pets. Jackie shares her personal life in the social media. She always tries to remain connected with her fans and followers on the social media. There is still no news about her boyfriend or relationship in her biography.


Jackie is very successful in her professional life. She has set her goal to follow her passion from early childhood. Her enthusiasm and passion for music has helped to achieve success much earlier in her career. She has initially recorded several albums in her career. She has also released three albums in her career till now. All the three albums are solo and has earned her a lot of fame. Besides this, Jackie has also achieved much popularity by appearing in the musical concerts. She is counted in the list of top young musicians. Jackie also holds a high net worth though the exact amount has not been revealed in her biography till now.

15 Mar, 2018