Isobel Yeung

Isobel Yeung Isobel Yeung is a famous British-American journalist. Isobel is mostly known for her work in documentary series in the news genre

What is Isobel’s age? Isobel Yeung was born on 2nd November 1986 in England. Isobel is 32 years old.

Isobel Yeung bio Isobel is a British national. Isobel’s father was born in Hong Kong who later moved to England. Isobel’s mother is a British national. Isobel grew up in England with her only brother. Isobel spent her childhood in her hometown in England where she attended a local high school to complete her education. After completing her high school education, Yeung joined a university to complete her bachelor’s degree.

After achieving her bachelor’s degree, Yeung started working as a freelance journalist. Yeung was interested in raising social issues. Yeung went to China in pursuit of a successful career. Isobel worked in China for almost four years. Isobel has worked around the globe and covered stories in Philippine, Iraq, Afghanistan, and China. Isobel has also worked as a freelance writer for a number of magazines including South China Morning Post, The Telegraph, The Independent, and The Guardian.

Is VICE News Tonight is the highlight of Isobel’s career? Isobel worked as a journalist and reporter in China for four years and reported the new for a number of channels and magazines. After coming back from China, Isobel joined HBO and started working for a documentary show “VICE News Tonight.” Isobel also won awards as a correspondent. Isobel also worked for Emmy award-winning half-hour nightly newscast.

Isobel started work for VICE in the year 2014. Isobel visited the Philippines to gather the facts for her story “the aftermath in a fragile Philippine community”. Isobel also went to Iraq to complete her story “the Islamic state’s impact on Iraq’s youth”. Isobel raised her voice for the rights of women in Afghanistan. The freelance journalist is associated with “VICE News Tonight” as a journalist and also works in the field as a correspondent. Isobel also visited Uganda in the year 2016 to report on the anti-homosexual bill. This anti-homosexual bill was created against gay people according to which the penalty of the homosexual act was death. Isobel Yeung was also nominated for an Emmy award for her work in VICE News Tonight.

What information does wiki have about Isobel’s salary and net worth? Isobel has worked mostly as a freelance journalist and reporter in the past. Yeung is associated with HBO and works for VICE News Tonight for which she got a nomination for an Emmy award. As a top journalist, she earns a good salary. According to various sources, Isobel’s net worth is around 500 thousand dollars.

Is Isobel Yeung married? Has she ever gone through a divorce? Isobel is not married yet. However, the famous journalist is in a relationship with Benjamin Zand. Benjamin Zand is a freelance filmmaker and journalist. There is no news about the engagement of the couple as of now. Isobel has never gone through a divorce.

Last Modified: Mar 5, 2020

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