Ilyne Racquel Nash is the girlfriend of Dez Bryant, a famous wide receiver at Dallas Cowboys American Football. Their family was blessed with two children, Dez Jr. and Isabella Rose.

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Childhood and studies

Ilyne was born on the 27th of July, 1986 (32 years old) and she is the daughter of Roosevelt Nash Jr. and Kyong Lee. Considering her childhood, we can mention that she spent most of it in Killeen, Texas, a city which it about 70 miles from north of Austin. She has a religious family, who believes in Christ and this thing was inherited by Ilyne, that’s why she mentioned on her Instagram page “lover and follower of Christ”.

In addition, she studied at Robert M. Shoemaker High School where she completed her schooling and then, she continued her University studies at the University of Texas in the year 2013. Thus, Ilyne Racquel Nash passed out a degree in BA in Speech-Language Pathology and, at her graduation, her life partner, Dez Bryant and her son, Dez Jr. Bryant were present at one of the greatest moments of her life.

Personal life

The beautiful couple is in a relationship for many years and it has two children: a boy named Dez Jr., who was born on the 25th of June 2010 (8 years old) and a girl named Isabella Rose, who was born on the 5th of December 2015 (2 years old). Before Dez, there is no such rumor regarding her love affairs, but it is said that Dez Bryant had another girlfriend, named Briana Hooks with whom he has a boy, named Zayne who is 9 years old.


There is not information about her career. The family is always together with Dez Bryant, that’s why Ilyne is always presents with their children at the Cowboys games and she shares the romantic moments on social media, including Instagram. She is knows as being a supporter of her boyfriend, that’s why she has been constantly at many of his games and she always cheers the wins of her favorite footballer, Dez Bryant.

Net worth and salary

Regarding their net worth, we can mention that the net worth of Dez Bryant is around $70 million. He also earns $23 million as a salary from football and half million dollars as an endorsement. Dez lives with his beautiful family in a luxury house, situated in Dallas, Texas. In addition, on her social media account, Ilyne shows her luxury life and Dez shows his expensive wardrobes.

Rumors and controversy

There was a lot of controversy and rumors about the beautiful couple. The first was about Briana Hooks, another girlfriend of Dez, which whom it is said that he has a child and the second was about an incrimination video of Bryant, circulating on the internet, doing a “Ray Rice-style". But today, there is no trace of separation and the two continue to love each other and to be happy. They also continue to raise their two beautiful children, living in Texas.

18 Oct, 2018