Ilusion Millan

Ilusion Millan is known worldwide for her success in her career. She is a popular director and a film producer.

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Personal life

Ilusion Millan was born in the United States to his Irish parents. Her parents were Catholic and held an American nationality. She has received a very strict upbringing from her father. Ilusion’s father was very conservative and never tolerated any kind of disobedience. Ilusion’s mother was very close to her but due to the strictness of her father, her mother could not say anything.

Ilusion’s mother wanted her to learn dancing but her father was very strict and did not allow her to go to dance classes. As a child, Ilusion was very interested in drama and dancing. She was sent to a girl's school which had a lot of cultural facilities. When Ilusion asked her father for the permission to allow her join the dance group, he denied. Ilusion’s mother stood by her against her father which led to the difference between her parents. After some years, her parents got divorced leading to the daily quarrels.

After the divorce, Ilusion shifted along with her siblings with her mother. Ilusion attended her drama classes after she shifted to London. Ilusion’s mother did some part time jobs to fund the education of her children. Soon, Ilusion became the centre of attraction in the drama group of her school. Ilusion also took part in the annual function of her school where she was also awarded with the best performer award.

Most of Ilusion’s friends went to attend theatre classes which she could not do due to the weak financial condition of her mother. Ilusion had to keep her dreams aside and think about supporting her family financially. Ilusion’s mother health condition worsened and being the eldest daughter of the family, she had to play her role as a person who supports the family financially.

Other than this, no other information could be gathered from her biography regarding her personal life. We do not know whether she is married or dating anybody. Ilusion is not very active on the social media and does not even share any updates of her life with her fans and followers.


Ilusion took up some part time jobs after completing the graduation degree of her school. She has imparted many roles during that time of the career. She has even served as a waitress in a restaurant. She also attended the university and completed her bachelor's degree by attending part time classes. Later, when the financial condition of her family became stable, she thought of pursuing her passion. Illusion joined a production house as a crew member.

Her main objective for joining the production house was becoming an actress but as she had no experience, she did not get the chance to become an actress. But she never gave up on her dreams and started learning production works. Illusion has worked quite a few years with some of her seniors and has finally established herself as a producer. She has also earned a lot of fame and popularity from her profession which is the proof of her net worth.

09 Jan, 2018