Ike Awgu a.k.a Ike Jonathan Awgu is a Canadian lawyer and a politician. He started his political campaign at the age of 19. In 2003, he stood for the Mayor election.

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Ike Awgu Biography

Ike Jonathan Awgu was born on October 14, 1983, in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. He grew up in the west side of Ottawa and got his early education from Sir Robert Borden High School.

By birth, he was very intelligent and thoughtful. He always used to think and search the ways through which he can bring change in his country. He always knew that to bring the change or improvements, he must have political powers so he started running his political campaign in his early age. He had his goal set. He stood for the Mayor election in 2003 and out of eight candidates, he finished third with over five thousand votes. The former Ottawa Mayor Chiarelli described Ike Awgu as a very talented young man with a bright future ahead of him.

He also planned on standing for city council in 2010 but when councilor Alex Cullen declared his intentions for running the re-election, Ike Awgu dropped the idea.

Ike Awgu Education

Ike Awgu studied at Carleton University. Since he was interested in politics and he wanted to bring the change he visualized, he knew that he should know what is happening around him and how it can be solved in a civilized manner. He was particularly interested in political solutions. So he pursued his degree in economics to learn how to tackle the problems his country is facing.

He was awarded his law degree in 2008 by the Queen’s University. He also spent his time studying at the National University of Singapore. He competed in Canadian National Debating championship in 2004 and was placed fourth.

What is the age of Ike Awgu? Personality and looks

Ike Awgu was born on October 14, 1983. With a rough calculation, we can estimate that his age is 35 years as of December 2018.

Being a lawyer, blogger he has a dashing personality and looks. Recently he appeared in many shows like The Agenda and HuffPost Live.

Ike Awgu Career

After getting his degree, Ike Awgu started his career in Bay street law firm in Toronto. He is also a member of many law associations including Law Society of Upper Canada. Ike hosted many shows. The Cable Public Affairs Channel a.k.a CPAC offered him to host a national television show focused on politics. He also hosted the X-Factor.He wrote editorial columns for many newspapers including the Ottawa Sun and the Globe and Mail. Currently, he is practicing in Ottawa and Toronto, primarily focused on civil litigation. He offers services on Real estate and Business law.

Is there a Wiki page of Ike Awgu?

There is indeed a wiki page dedicated to Ike Awgu. One can find information about his career, early life and his political campaigns on that page. Below is the link to his wiki page.

22 Dec, 2018