Holly Marie

Holly Marie is a very renowned actress. She is very famous for her notable presentations of characters on the television and if you are  fan of TV, there is a very negligible chance that you won't know her!

Holly Marie was born in the year 1973 on December 3rd. She was born and brought up in California. She was the only daughter of her parents and had no siblings. She was brought up with great care. Her accent had an Irish connotation. She was brought up in a disciplined. Just when she was only five years old, a split happened between her parents which affected her mentally. She was very brilliant student from her childhood but when this happened, her studies started getting affected, leading to the regular chaos between her parents.

However, when she became seven years old, the divorce finally took place between her parents and she shifted to New York with her mother. After settling in New York, she started recovering from her previous state of depression. Her academic grades also recovered with time when she was admitted to the Professional Children’s School. She made many friends and also developed an interest towards scuba diving. She went to the San Diego beach with her friends on holidays or weekends to do scuba diving.

When she went to the University, she became very popular due to her communicative nature and good grades. In the university, she achieved a bachelor's degree. She also joined the theatre group of her University. Soon, she excelled in theatre drama also. This gave rise to her interest in acting. She also participated in the various cultural events of the university. Her friends were very cooperative which helped her to develop a strong bond with them within a short time. After that, she started giving auditions to establish herself in the acting world.

After creating an identity for herself as an actress, she started dating Travis Smith in the year 1993. Though the couple tied the knot soon after this but the relationship did not go for long and a mutual divorce took place between them in the year 1997. She does not have any children with him.

After that, she remained single for some time till, in the year 2004, she tied the knot with James Donoho, her long time boyfriend. They were dating each other for a long period of time, like five years or more. Their relationship had developed from their strong friendship so it was very special for her. They also have three sons with each other from this marriage. In the year 2011, the couple got divorced owing to some differences in their marital relationship.

After completing her graduation, she wanted to establish herself as an actress but she was not absolutely sure about her career decision but her parents supported her a lot. She soon became successful as an actress and impressed us with her appearances in Sweet Hearts Dance, Born on the Fourth of July, Simple Men, Chain of Desire and many more.