Hollie Jessica Cavanagh took birth on 5th of July 1993, she is presently 23 years old and has a perfect idolizing career in singing that everyone admires. She was born in Liverpool in England and is of U.S origin. She is a pop singer and her instruments include vocals, She ranked fourth in American Idol season 11. She is only 5 feet tall with a pretty face and always a smile adoring her personality. She loves the category called “shoes” and has hundreds of pairs of them in her cabinet, she has blonde hair and her choices are mostly girly, she likes to wear sparky bright outfits. She is also known for carrying herself with utmost beauty and confidence.

Lorraine Cavanagh and Peter Cavanagh are her parents and she has two siblings,  Luke and Aaron Cavanagh as her elder brothers. She attended St. Austin Primary school and Mckinney Boyd High School. She played soccer in her teens and has been singing since she was 15, she has a beautiful voice and has millions of followers on intstagram with thousands of tweets on twitter increasing her fan following each day.

She also plays piano and has an immense love for pets. She has a golden retriever named Shankly. Her biography tells that  Hollie always admires Christina Aguilera, Mariah Carey, Adele, Whitney Houston and Celine Dion for their perfect voice and music. She always saw the music videos of her favorite idols and dreamt of becoming one of them one fine day, her dreams then finally came to life and today she has a good position in the field of Music.

She has a good and healthy social life with lots of friends, her snapchats reveals her hectic life. She is presently single and usually does not talk about love life in any interview or on social media. However, there were rumors about her dating Joshua Ledet, the two have pictures on the internet together but she does not claim anything.

Hollie auditioned for American idol season 10, however she could not qualify the green mile round, but Jeniffer Lopez’s words always echoed in her ears that she can become a very efficient singer by practicing and improving her skills. As a result, the very next season, Hollie came back after months of immense practice and hold the fourth position in American idol season 11.

Then her golden years started and today she holds a good record in music field. Her first single was released in July 2015 named “outer limit” and her second one on 25th November of the same year with the name “Girlfriend”. She has millions of likes on all songs on youtube. She also does live performances and keeps tweeting about how one can book tickets for her show. Her fans read her tweets and are thus always updated about what is going on in her personal and professional life. The young singer started earning at a very young age, financial reports say that her net worth estimated today is in millions.

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