Golfer Fred

Fred Couples is a talented golf player from America. He has always been a great golfer and has also appeared in many championships.

Fred Couples was born in the year 1959 on October 3rd. He was brought up in Washington by his parents Violet Couples and Tom Violets. He was brought up in an Italian family as her parents were the immigrants from Italy. Their actual surname was of the family was Coppola which they changed to Couples. He also had a younger sister named as Cindy and a younger brother named as Tom Jr. He belonged from a middle-class family and his father worked as a groundskeeper.

Their house was on the Beacon Hill which was near the famous golf course of the city. The area was populated with the high class people of the society and the family had to pace up a lot and do much effort to match up their status with the other families. He and his siblings visited the O’Dea High School in the same city.

He was more interested in golf than concentrating in his studies. He had many friends in the society with whom he used to go the park to play golf. His family was very offended with regarding this. When he completed his graduation, his family allowed him to join the golf team to follow his passion in future. In school, he had played several golf tournaments, which earned him a golf scholarship. His scholarship to visit the University of Houston helped him to get a better career opportunity.

After joining PGA, his first tour was at Kemper Open in the year 1983. He played for the final group in the year 1983 with Chen Tze-chung. All the prestigious golf players were present in this season. His first tournament as a golf player was like a golden opportunity as he got the chance to play with all the renowned golf players. His performance in this season was so impressive that he received two awards of PGA Tour Player of the Year. His score goals were do high in the year that he was awarded with the Vardon Trophy of the year. After this, he was sent to the United States for playing tournaments in the next consecutive years.

In the year 1992, he was ranked amongst the best golf players in the Official World Golf Rankings in the first position. However from the year 2000, he had to go through several injuries. He came across several physical accidents and also had a major injury in his back, which affected his career badly. He took a leave for some years from the club to bring back his fitness. He is very conscious about his diet and goes for workout daily. He has also won a number of awards and nominations and awards in his golf career. He has also made several guest appearances in the popular golf tournaments and also on several television talk shows due to his huge popularity as a golf player.