Who is Gina Nemo? How old is Gina Nemo?

Gina Nemo was born in the year 1965 and she is a marketing executive, author, singer and actress of American origins. She had award winning role where she was Dorothy Pezzino for American Television series of 21 Jump Street. Her father is jazz musician called Henry Nemo.

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According to her bio, Gina Nemo was born in the city of Manhattan but was raised in the city of Pacific Palisades in California by her grandmother Annetta Holt and her father. Her mother died she was 8 years old. While growing up, she wrote songs and poetry and did perform in plays and musicals. At the age of 4, she was performing in television commercials, in televised dance shows and in holiday specials.

Gina Nemo  Career, education

Her singing career started on Stepping Tones Records, the indie Record Label. In 1990s, she did perform in a band named 22 Nemo and was performing the concerts in Hollywood area and in Sunset Strip or other private functions. She produced an album for indie label in Buffalo New York but it was not released.

In the year 1999, Nemo released and produced an alternative pop/rock album called Plastic Wonderland and it was on her record label called Omen Records. There are many of her songs which appeared in promotional campaigns of American television shows and in indie films. The next musical venture was called Waiting; it was EP that was recorded in UK. Afterwards, she released Cicada, the electronica dance music album under the G Plan Music.

After sometime, Gina Nemo became the marketing executive of Sony Epic and Universal Records. She became independent public relations and the marketing company for entertainment companies, small business, music labels and musical artists.

Gina Nemo is a producer, a director, a writer and a singer of G Plan Media. She also produced documentaries, television pilots, television marketing campaigns and commercials. She also owns Omen fiction, a production company and she produced Sony Corporation’s campaign, television pilots for television network and advertising promotions.

Is Gina Nemo married? who is her husband and children?


Gina Nemo got married to Peter DeLuise in 1988 but they divorced in 1992. From this marriage, she was a sister in Law to David DeLuise and Michael DeLuise. He was her co-star in 21 Jump Street. She got married again and her new husband is British Producer J Page. They stayed married from 1995 until 2010. She has got two children and she has younger sister called Dori.

Gina Nemo Net worth

Even if Gina Nemo is known as the award winning writer, songwriter and singer, her net worth is not recorded online. She has also released six poetry books: three albums and three poetry audio albums. They can be accessed online on iTunes and Amazon. Her work is found in India, Ireland and Canada. Her father was also well known as a Jazz performer and he was the most preferred singer in the 1940s.


10 Dec, 2018