Geoff Tracy

Geoff Tracy is an American chef who turned his passion into profession by opening a restaurant chain. His birth date is January 23rd 1974. He is a Theology graduate from Georgetown University, where he completed his graduation in 1995.

Tracy is an accomplished chef and is running 6 restaurants. With the help of a talented team, he overlooks restaurant operations from root to the highest level and takes main decisions about how to grow the restaurant chain!! To serve 750,000 guests every year and employing 400 people is not a small deal, but Geoff handles it all. Baby Love, the best seller was co-authored by Geoff Tracy; it was basically to teach parents the methods to feed healthy and delicious meals to their Babies and Toddlers.

He is a kind person with interest in charity, Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington chose him as the VC of the executive board. His contribution to charities and organisations is beyond the limit,Being a sponsor of Little League team and a part of Washington-Baltimore chapter of the Young Presidents Organisation says a lot about him being humble to others

Personal life

Geoff Tracy is married to his high school girlfriend, Norah Morahan O’Donnell. Geoff Tracy first saw his sweetheart in a cafeteria in the college with her friend. They got married in June 2001. His wife is an is an American print and television journalist. Geoff is lucky to be married to the girl of his dream. They have three children: ?Riley,??Grace ?and H?enry. ?The family reside together sometimes in New York City and other times, in Washington DC.?The couple wrote the the famous book ”Baby Love” together and the book is published by St. Martin’s Press. They both share a good time together as wife’s theory ?“work life – personal life balance” is important clearly states. His personal life is blessed and successful.

Net worth

His net worth is around ?$8 million, ?he earns good money from his professional career and restaurants.


With a graduation degree in Theology, he opened his restaurant in Chef Geoff’s in 2000. In 2002, he opened up a second one, Chef Geoff’s Downtown. However, the second one got closed ?as the building was to be renovated, and Geoff filed a claim to law court to stay there, but it wasn’t successful. His another restaurant ?Rockville? was closed after less than three years in November 2015, the reason disclosed was high competition.

With the opening of more restaurants, he became vice chairman of the executive board of the Restaurant Association of Metropolitan Washington, which was also a great achievement. He is lucky to have lots of achievements in his career. His achievement ?was being named as one of the top 40 business people under the age of 40 by Washington Business??Journal. ?He got many awards like ?The Best Neighbor Award, Chief of the Year Award, RAMMY award for “Hottest Restaurant Bar Scene”.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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