Gale Harold

 Bio and age Gale Harold is a famous American actor who is mostly known for the role that he played on “Queer as Folk”. Gale played prominent roles on “Desperate Housewives” and “The Secret Circle”. Gale Harold was born as Gale Morgan Harold III on 10th July 1969 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Gale Harold Personal Life and Education Career

According to the information available in Gale’s biography, his father used to be a professional engineer while his mother was an agent in the field of real estate. However, the names of his father and mother are not known. Gale has two siblings, an older sister, and a younger brother. Gale was brought up in a strict religious family.

The actor went to South West DeKalb School for his early education. Later he graduated with a high school degree from Lovett School. Gale was good at sports and he got enrolled in the American University on a scholarship. Harold majored in romance literature and graduated from the American University with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts. Gale also studied professional photography from an art institute in California.

Gale Harold Married, Divorce and Dating Life

As far as Gale’s marital status is concerned, according to the information available, he is not married yet. Gale has not gone through a divorce either. However, the actor has been in the news because of his relationship problems with his ex-girlfriend Danielle. Gale and Danielle dated for a brief period of time before they broke up because of the unknown reasons. After the breakup, Gale was attacked by Danielle. The actor was seriously injured and filed a case in the court because of Danielle’s aggressive attempt. Gale claimed that Danielle attacked him because he had broken up with her a few days before the attack occurred. Danielle was also spotted screaming at Gale.

According to various sources, before Danielle, Gale also dated an actress named Yara Martinez. The actor has also gone through a horrible bike accident in the year 2008, however, he recovered from the injury and returned to his routine life.

 Gale Harold Professional Career Path

Gale Harold didn’t get his breakthrough in the entertainment industry right after his graduation. Gale worked a lot of different jobs before stepping into the entertainment industry. Gale used to work as a mechanic in a motorcycle workshop. He has also worked as a construction worker, bartender, and a waiter in the past. Gale wanted to pursue his career in acting when he got an advice from a friend. Harold started his journey to become an actor in the year 1997 when he made a debut in theatre and played a role in a show named “Me and My Friends”. Gale got a part in a movie “36K” and made his movie debut in the year 2000. In the same year, Gale got a part in a TV show “Queer as Folk”.

How much is Gale Harold Net Worth Worth?

Gale has played the role of a homosexual man who has sympathies with the LGBT community. However, he is known to be straight in real life. More of his major work can be seen in “Defiance”, “Deadwood”, and “Desperate Housewives”. Gale has been active as an actor since 2000. Harold got nominated for various Television awards. Gale’s exact net worth is not known.

Last Modified: Mar 6, 2020

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