Gabriel Iglesias

Gabriel Iglesias was born in the year 1976 and he is known as Gabriel Iglesias professionally and as Fluffy comically. He is a comedian voice actor, producer, writer, actor of American nationality. He had the show called Hot & Fluffy and I’m not Fat… I am Fluffy. He uses the sound effects, affected voices and storytelling. Other trademarks are about how he is fat and how he likes to wear a Hawaiian shirt. He was called the Comedy Genius by San Antonio Express News’s Hector Saldana.

Gabriel Iglesias was born in the city of San Diego California and he is the youngest in the family of six and his mother was a single mother. He has Mexican ancestry. His mother decided to change Iglecias to Iglesias since his father was not around when he was being born. He grew in Corona, Baldwin Park and in Compton and he settled afterwards to low income housing of Long Beach where he spent most time of his youth. Before going into the stand up comedy, he was working in Los Angeles in a Cell Phone company and even if the family told him to continue with the job because of the financial security, he instead and he should go into comedy since working on the two jobs was not something easy. In 1997, it is the time that he decided that he should do comedy full time and left the phone company. Afterward, he was evicted from the home and he lost the car but he continued to insist on comedy.

Gabriel Iglesias is known to say that he is just fluffy but not fat and it is the term that has become popular among other people who are overweight. He also likes to talk about levels of fatness while acting and he said that they are five. He was on the Nickelodeon Sketch Comedy series called All That for its season 6. He was the co-star with Nick Cannon and Amanda Bynes. He voiced for Fox TV animated comedy called Family Guy for its entire Mexican family. He was also a voice of identical twin characters of The Emperor’s New School which is aired on Disney animated series.

Gabriel Iglesias was the contestant in Last Comic Standing for its Fourth Season and he survived up to the last 8 but he was eliminated since he used a Blackberry to talk to his friends and family and it was not allowed and this violated the rules that were given for the show. Comedy Central started a show called Gabriel Iglesias Present Stand Up Revolution which is the show about the series that he hosted or produced. His net worth is 10 million dollars. He lives with his girlfriend Claudia Valdez and even if many people think that she is his wife, they are yet to get married. He has produced some movies but most of them are about comedy.

Last Modified: Apr 7, 2020

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