Francis Greco

Francis Greco is known to be a successful investment banker. He came under the spotlight of the media through the popularity of his wife, Lauren Holly. Lauren Holly is a popular Hollywood actress and it is through their marriage that Francis Greco was caught in the light of the media.

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Francis Greco was born in the year 1968. We were unable to record the exact date of his birth and he has also not respond anything to the media regarding this. He was the second son of his parents. His father was a successful businessman and his mother was a professional chartered accountant. He was very brilliant as a student and his parents had a lot of expectations from him.

In the year 1992, he went to the university to do a major in Politics and Economy. He has also received a gold medal in Economy and wanted to pursue a career in this field. After completing his university education, he went on studying Finance and Accounting to make a career in banking. As soon as he finished his education, he began his career as a financial advisor. He excelled in finance and that is the reason that he has received many promotions from the beginning of his career.

Francis joined the Sagent Advisors as a Managing Director in the year 2011. He worked in this company for a year and left it to join Koch Industries. This company is counted among the best industries and his career took a turn. He is working with the company since the year 2013. He has been a promising employee of the company and has contributed a lot to its success.

He has also received many promotions and honours in the company for his hard work and dedication towards his work. He is also provided with a handsome salary and all other facilities like accommodation and transport. Though he does not stay with his wife right now, the couple have given us major relationship goals in the past days.

The couple met in a party and since then, the couple have dated each other for a long time. They have been the most controversial topic of the media during their dating years. He has tried to stay away from the media most of the time and had never really liked the glamour industry. He always wanted his wife to stay away from the Hollywood industry and to be an ideal homemaker. His wife also agreed to his decision and everything was going smoothly.

After a few years of their marriage, he remained busy for most of the time which made her do a comeback in the film industry again. This sowed the seed of misunderstandings and continuous quarrels in their relationship and the couple decided to split. When they got divorced, they have remained top in the list of controversies. Both of them have denied giving any statement regarding their divorce but there have been many rumours in the media regarding this matter.

18 Dec, 2017