Eugene Levy

Eugene Levy is a multi-faceted Canadian man. Apart from being a director and an actor, Eugene is also a comedian, writer, producer, and musician. Characterizing Noah Levenstein, Levy featured in all American Pie films – the film significantly steered his prominence. In most cases, Eugene’s humorous side is often displayed in his excessive explanations. His features in hit movies and TV shows earned him the Governor Generals Performing Arts Award. From his mini-biography on IMDb, Levy has featured in over 60 motions pictures, and his net worth is $15 million.

Personal Life

In his teenage, Eugene attended Westdale Secondary School where he performed well and joined the McMaster University. At the university, Levy’s talents and leadership ability saw him being elected by the student film group to be the McMaster Film Board president. Before graduating, Eugene completely served as the president of the board and earned, even more skills, in acting.

In 1977, Eugene proved that not only is he good as an actor but also as a life partner, particularly after getting married to the beautiful Deborah Divine. Similar to her soul mate, Eugene’s wife, Deborah, is a top-notch writer and actress. The couple enjoys being parents to Daniel Levy and his sibling Sarah Levy. Currently, Sarah and her husband work in the entertainment scene including working together on Schitt’s Creek, a CBC sitcom.

The sitcom is basically a comedy show where Levy and his son, Dan, feature showcasing the father and son connection they have off-screen. The father-child relationship between Eugene and Dan is exceptionally profound. In fact, their connection can be confused as that of friends as opposed to that of a parent and his child. Although Dan’s is widely known in comparison to his father, Levy, the kid is uniquely talented and determined.

Amazingly, the connection Eugene and Dan have is not an on-screen show but is the family’s way of life. Levy deeply cherishes his cute daughter and wife. In his remarks, Eugene considers his family as being of utmost importance to him as an individual. As such, Eugene’s marriage has no chance of a divorce. Eugene is active on Twitter whereas Dan is active on Instagram. 

Career Life

In 1976, Eugene wrote for a SCTV comic drama series which marked the commencement of his career. His writing on the drama series earned him two Emmy Awards. Some of his earlier movies include Multiplicity, Armed and Dangerous, Club Paradise and Splash. Eugene’s breakthrough is largely attributed to American Pie. In the blockbuster, Levy featured as a clueless father – a role that brought new light on his career. A majority of the motion pictures Eugene has cast have been record breaking. Eugene is, therefore, a celebrated comedian in Hollywood.

Eugene Levy maintains commendable professional relations. His performance in A Mighty Wind brought his way two high-profile awards – a New York Film Critics Circle Award as well as a Grammy Award. However, these awards have not been a stop sign for Eugene’s proficiency but rather have pushed him towards even more hardwork and professionalism.  

Last Modified: Apr 4, 2020

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