Esther Ku is a renowned television personality and also a stand-up comedian.

Esther Ku was born in the year 1980 on February 17th. She was born to her Korean parents. She was brought up in a Christian culture and her father also worked in a Christian missionary. She spent her childhood in Chicago with her parents. She did not have any sibling and was the only child of her parents. She belonged from a middle-class family in Korea. Both her parents worked and they could not afford a caretaker for her and thus, she had to take care of herself from a very early age. She became independent and used to lead a very disciplined lifestyle. She was also very religious and was a strong follower of Christianity.

Besides, she was also a very brilliant student. Though her parents could not send her to the best school, she did not let it affect her. She used to read several journals and magazines and kept herself updated with the news always. She also liked to explore the political news going on in the world. In her school, she participated in various quiz competitions as her general knowledge was very wide. She has also won several awards for her school by participating in various competitions.

She also had another talent of entertaining people with her jokes and humour play and made them laugh. She was the centre of attraction among her friends for this talent. She used to entertain her friends and relatives through her jokes. She could also mimic and copy the voices and styles of different animals and famous actors. She had received several certifications and awards as well for the above given set of skills.

She joined the university to pursue her education with journalism. She wanted to become a journalist in her career but later she became more passionate towards her talent of being a stand-up comedian. She also did a part time job in a reception when her father’s job was gone. She helped her family financially and also helped her mother in the household chores.

When she finished her university education, she started her career as a host. She had previous experiences of hosting during her university days which helped her to get the job faster in her career. Though she wanted to begin her career as a stand-up comedian but could not wait for it as the financial condition of her family was becoming worse day by day. She took the job of hosting regular events in a media channel. They were very impressed with her talents as a host.

She also worked in the cast group of several production houses. When she became fully established in her career, she started trying out career opportunities as a stand-up comedian. She was very happy while appearing on the stage for the first time as a stand-up comedian as she was now able to fulfil her dreams. Her first show was very successful which helped her to earn a huge number of followers.