Erin Everly

Erin Everly is a former American model with a decent net worth of $1.6 million! she was the daughter of musician Don Everly, of the duo The Everly Brothers. Erin was the only wife of Axl Rose, the lead singer and founder of Guns N 'Roses. Erin and Axl met in 1985 at a party in LA, soon after they started dating.

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In 1986, Axl went to live with his girlfriend but due to many arguments and infidelities, he moved to a luxurious apartment alone. On April 28, 1990, Axl appeared at Erin's house at 4:00 in the morning, asked her to marry her, and threatened to commit suicide with a weapon she had in the car if she did not marry him that day. Axl and Erin went to the Cupid Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas and were married in a quick ceremony, but the marriage was annulled in January 1991.

Her father is singer Don Everly, Everly Brothers and Mother Venetia Stevenson. Hit Guns N 'Roses Sweet Child o' Mine was written about it.

About Her

Birth: November 8 of 1965 at Los Angeles

Residence: New York

Citizenship: U.S

Progenitors: Mother: Venetia Stevenson

Father: Don Everly

Spouse: Axl Rose

Occupation: model

Personal Life

As per her biography, Rose and Everly met in 1986, had been together for several years, and Axl admitted that he would try to kill if she refused. They married in Las Vegas in April 1990. A month later, Rose asked for a divorce, but a couple of them settled down and decided to stay together. Everlyn's abortion brought tension to their relationship and in 1991 they divorced.

Erin claimed that Axl was very angry, pulled her up the stairs, stripped it and locked it for a few hours into the cabinet. Later, he came back, pulled it out of the cabinet, threw it on the bed, and raped it analitically.

In 1994, Erin launched a lawsuit against Axel, claiming that Rose had both physically and mentally abused her. They agreed to settle the case out of court. Erin lives in Atlanta and has not seen her public since. She has been a prominent resident of Atlanta Jack Portman and has a daughter of Eres.

The years after the rupture with Axl, Erin dilapidated the fortune gained in the trial filed with her previous partner, even asking for financial help from her family and friends. But it came a moment that even Erin came to sell her wedding rings to get cash.

In 1998, Erin gave birth to a son named Eason and married a wealthy Atlanta man. Erin lives in Atlanta and has currently chosen to stay out of the magazines, although a few years ago she offered an interview, in which she said that she was happily married, although the love of her life was Axl, she no longer felt love for him, although she remembered that The brief time they were together before the abortion were their best moments.

In January of 2001, in her interview, she did not comment on his emotional past with Erin, I only talk about the trial, and how the press reprimanded him, forgetting everything previously lived by him with Erin.

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