Erin Cebula

Erin Cebula bio. Who is Erin Cebula?

Erin Cebula is a television personality born in Canada and she was a reporter of Entertainment Tonight Canada. She was the first entertainment reporter of Global TV and she is known because of excellent coverage for both pre and post game coverage at CBS show known as Survivor. This helped her to get her new job when she was a host of a TV program called Urban Rush, an hour long live show that takes place every day. She was also a host of Makeover Wish, a Vancouver based show and it was aired at HGTV. In the year 2009, after having interview with Michael Buble, she asked him to appear in one of his video and she was given an appearance in Haven’t Met You Yet song. In the year 2014, she was a correspondent of ET Canada at West Coast.

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According to her bio, Erin Cebula was born in the city of Aldergrove in British Columbia and she grew up at a hobby farm. She got a diploma of television broadcasting at BCIT. She was a snow instructor before starting her career. Before working at Urban Rush, she worked as an editor of The Urban Peasant at James Barber.

Erin Cebula Husband & Married

Together with her husband, they do live at Mount Pleasant in Vancouver. She got married to a Blu Realtor and a real estate executive.

Erin Cebula Age

Erin Cebula was born in the year 1976 and her age is over 42 years now.

When she was asked to describe herself, she said that she has positive energy and she likes sharing it. She is honest, loyal and rambunctious. She believes in teamwork and fairness and sometime she is called Activities or Justice. She got inspired by meeting new people and she likes dogs and loves dill pickles. When she is not working while interviewing artists, musicians or actors, she will be in mountains or on a beach.

When asked on how she defines beauty, she said that a person should be confident and kind with a healthy glow. Her husband likes the way she looks after coming from mountains, with a goggle tan, bed head with a wind burn.

Erin Cebula feels most beautiful when she was on a windy walk at the beach with the sea air dancing at her skin. She does not diet even if the industry imposes that most women should be on a diet of a certain type. For her, she eats the food she grew mostly and she has food and exercising philosophy from her family which stacked with her.

She spends most of her money on hair. She spends 200 dollars on the hair and she has her hair treated after 8 weeks and buys cosmetics on sale or on special occasions.

Erin Cebula Boyfriend

There is no record of having any other boyfriend besides her husband.


02 Dec, 2018