Erica Ehm Bio & Age

According to her bio,Erica Ehm was born as Erica Miechowsky in the year 1961. Her age is 57 years old. She is a Canadian writer, a TV host, entrepreneur, a songwriter and a writer. She is known to be the pioneer of video jockey for Canadian cable television station called MuchMusic. She started the television career, through contributing to the Musi-Video, a local rock with videos show which is being produced at Montreal, Quebec. She attended University of Ottawa where she did Bachelor of Arts degree for communication.

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Erica Ehm Career and Net Worth

Ehm worked for MuchMusic for 10 years when she wanted to focus more on songwriting career. From that time, she only returns to the show from time to time. She is now the host of Yummy Mummy on Discovery Health and Life Network. The shows are based in US but they appear also in other countries. She is the host of Science: From A to Ehm , Nestle Baby and you on Rogers Cable, The company on TVOntario, Power Play at Discovery Channel Canada, Real Life With Erica Ehm at Life Network, Popstars-The one in Global.

Ehm had written songs which were recorded by different people such as Tom Jackson, Cassandra Vasik, Tim Thorney and Van Morrison. She won three Canadian Country Music Awards with three SOCAN awards. She wrote the first play called Caillou’s Big party and it sold out in North America. She was then commissioned in writing two more shows known as The Big Comfy Couch with Cailou’s Big Book Club. She is a co-writer for a theme song of Pippi Longstocking.

The song Love Me Even More was chosen to be a theme of the feature film called Some Things That Say. She had a short lived acting career and appeared on Alfred Hitchcock Presents and she was a secretary. In RoboCop: The Series, she appeared as a news anchor called Rocky Crenshaw and she was Benita in the Unidentified Human Remains and The True of Love. She was Madam in the Replikator and Vicky for Jigsaw.

Ehm in writing career, she wrote the book She Should Talk: Conversation with Exceptional Women About Life, Dreams and Success. It was published under HarperCollins. He also wrote a children’s book named The Mischievous Mom at The Art Gallery. In the year 2002, she did host the weekly call-in show at CFRB 1010. CFRB is a news/Talk show radio station based in Toronto. She was combining lifestyle topics with current events. More information about her net worth is not available.

Erica Ehm Boyfriend & Dating Married

She is a married woman and her husband is Terry Moshenberg and has 2 children, a boy and a girl. She had been married for over 18 years. There is no information about her dating history or having other boyfriends. Her husband is entrepreneur in music in charge of and



02 Dec, 2018