Eric Shawn is American television news reporter of Fox News Channel. He was born in New York City and he is a son to Melba Rae and Gilbert Shawn. His mother is well known as an actress who played Marge Bergman at Search for Tomorrow series.

When it comes to his biography, Eric Shawn was born in the year 1957 and it was in the New York City. He is of American nationality and he was born by American Parents. The mother was an actress who married a lieutenant colonel in the army. For his education, he attended Trinity School and Georgetown University where he majored in the Urban Studies.

Eric Shawn is married and his wife is Camilla Shawn. Up to now, there is nothing that suggests that the two may go through a divorce or a separation. They are happy together and they have only one child. There is no any news about any relationship with other woman and he is happy with the life he is living.

Eric Shawn got attention because of his skill and his personality. He is professional and good looking. He is slim and he is tall with 5 feet and 10 inches. His hair is short and brown dark.

Eric started the career when he was working as the reporter of the television station of Fox Network named WNYW. After having the experience, he was associated to WPIX station found in New York. He got the attention when he started to work at the Fox Network under Fox News Edge. While working here, he covered the major news such as Unabomber Arrest and Gulf War.

He also reported the 1992 Clinton Campaign with the Murder trial of O.J Simpson. His name became even more famous when he started the career with Fox News Channel. Early days of his career, he was working as the correspondent of the network which is based on United Nations. While working there, he covered the news under the name of Oil for Food Programme.

Now, he is a co-host of Fox News Live and he works with Arthel Neville. He is an author of the book called The U.N Exposed: How The United Nations Sabotage America’s Security and Fails the World. He had a cameo in the Germelins 2: The New Batch when he was a reporter.

Being a popular reporter, it has helped him to get enough net worth. However, it is not clear how much he was able to make. He has a popular name in the American media broadcasting world and this was achieved through true dedication and hard work. He has a number of fans who follow what he does and more information about him may be obtained on his twitter account. Among his reports, he also reported about Stephen Paddock who was suffering a mental illness which was yet to be diagnosed.