Elijah Woods

Elijah Woods is a popular actor. He is also famous for his skills as a voice actor. He is also a well-known DJ and producer.

Elijah Wood was born in the year 1981 on January 28 in United States. She was brought up by her parents. His father Warren Wood was a famous director and his mother Debbie Wood took care of the house. He has music in his genes as both his parents were good singers though they did not take it as their profession.

He had received a Catholic upbringing and his singing lessons began with his mother who used to give him singing lessons. He had received the musical training from his father also and when he was seven years old, he started doing stage performances. He also developed a knack for voice acting from then. Whenever he got any free time, he used to copy several voices and do mimicry. He got so much involved in singing and voice acting that he made it his priority.

Seeing his enthusiasm for music, his father encouraged him to follow his passion and to pursue his further career with music and voice acting to learn more about music. When he was only twelve years old, he became a professional voice actor. Though he had absolutely no knowledge about stage performances back then, his voice skills helped him to win several competitions. He was also awarded with various certifications for being the youngest voice actor and singer.

He started an early musical career. At the age of twelve, he received various proposals to work as a playback singer and as a voice actor. He has worked with various production houses and they were very impressed with his working skills and great focus towards her work.  After that, he started working with one of the famous production houses in town and signed a contract. This was the first biggest contract in his initial professional life.

He could not pay much attention to his studies and was dropped out from his high school but his parents still supported him. They encouraged him to receive his education from a private institution and was also guided by both his parents regarding his studies. His first debut album was Forever Your Girl which was directed by David Fincher. It was a great success in his career. He preferred to sing and record his own albums, which did not match with her video shoot timings.

He formed a group with some of his co-workers. The group worked together for a continuous period of two of three years and the result came out really well. It consisted of different rhythms and genres with a mix of hip hop and folk. The album attracted most of the youth population in the town and became very popular among them within a very short period of time. After immense success, he gave many hits to her followers. These hits given my him also topped the list of the Billboard Hot 100.

Coming to his personal life, we could not gather any information regarding his girlfriend or marriage. He is probably not married yet and is only focusing in his career.