Elaine Callei

Elaine Callei Bio

Elaine Callei Trebek became well known as a TV broadcaster and a businesswoman. From her bio, she grew up from Ohio of United States of America. She finished her graduation at University of Ohio. In the year 1960s, she became a Playboy Bunny.

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After sometime, she moved and went to live in Canada. This is where she got involved into the business work. She was a host of a show known as Call Callei. While on this show, she was discussing the topic which is related to the sexual interest.  In the year 1973, she went back to her country and started a business there. From that time, she is successful and she lives in the city of Los Angeles together with her family.

Elaine Callei husband, married, divorced

Husband, married, Divorced Elaine Callei is ex Playboy Bunny and she got married three times. The first time, she got married to Louis Callei. However, it is not clear when they got married or when they divorced. In the year 1974, Elaine Callei got married again to her second husband called Alex Trebek.

He is a Canadian-American TV personality. Alex and Elaine met when the two were working at Canadian Broadcasting Company. However, this marriage did not last too long and they divorced in 1982 after only 8 years together. However, the two stayed on good terms and Elaine helped Alex when he suffered a heart attack after their divorce.

Elaine Callei Age and Family

After many years, Elaine got married again to a film producer called Peter Kares. They got married in the year 2001 and they are still together up to now. They are running many businesses together. Elaine gave birth to only one child and it is a daughter. The father is her first husband Louis Callei and the daughter is called Nicky Callei. After the divorce, the daughter got adopted by Alex when he was married to her mother.

Even after the divorce of her adoptive father and her mother, Nicky had maintained a closer relationship with him and she continues to use the name of Nicky Trebek. Nicky Trebek had worked in modeling and appeared in Glamour, Vogue and Cosmo. She is a songwriter and a singer. Elaine Callei Trebek moved to live in Los Angeles together with her family so that Alex would further her career. Her age is not recorded yet.

Elaine Callei Net worth

Elaine Callei Trebek’s net worth is 15 million dollars. Most of her net worth is gotten from her business. One of her successful business is ASG Media and Scent Seal Inc which is the high-tech cosmetic sampling company. Afterwards, she opened MAG-A-Music. It is a unique entertainment packacking of DVDs and CDs and it replaces jewel case. She is in charge of AFFORDABLE, editorial style compilation full of advertising page and it allows small companies to get exposure in National publications.


04 Dec, 2018