Donald J. Pliner was born on 1943 in Chicago, Illinois (USA), where he grew up. He came to life with his twin system Donna and her older brother, Elliot. His father, Leo owned a local shoe store called Pliner’s Florsheim Family Shoe Stores.

Donald followed the footstep of the Pliner dad and managed to create his own clothing and shoe label empire. He is the president of Donald J Pliner of Florida, Inc., a multimillion dollar company selling luxury footwear.

The personality is very active on the social media, and maintain verified Twitter and Instagram account showcasing its products. Fans can follow him on both networks at @DonaldJPliner.

Donald J Pliner of Florida, Inc.

Pliner is considered as a visionary designer. He launched his own line of shoes in 1989 and quickly gained a reputation for his fresh and high-end design style for women and men. He continuously pioneers new materials like stretchable micro-fibers. Pliner Shoe staple is high flexible and lightness combined with luxury and high class, similar to the designer’s motto: “when the feet are uncomfortable, so is the mind, so is the body, so is the soul.”

The brand is manufactured in Italy and Spain, and the brand lures customers looking for fashion-forward style, comfort, and craftsmanship. The collection includes casual dress footwear, leather clothing, and handbags, and customers can find their products in select retailers, upscale department stores, a via the company’s website (

The corporate offices of the company are on a 25th aerie in the Fifth Avenue of Manhattan. Visitors can visit the tower and discover a museum-like presentation of shoes and design around the living room. There are unique sofas, a collection of masks, horns, textiles from Africa and an overall particular feeling of elegance and luxury.

Pliner-branded stores share a similar philosophy as the main offices and the owner. Customers and enter the stores, take their shoes off and relax a while with a cool drink as if they were guests.

Professional chronology

Donald opened his first retail store on 1967. It was called Papagallo Beverly Hills and it made $1 million each year. On 1971 he opened a second store, the Right Bank Clothing Co., which became the go-to fashion store for shoes in New York. A few years later he opened the Tea Room, a place where celebrities used to gather for meetings.

On 1984 he opened his trademark company, and he introduced the first footwear for men on 1998. On 1999 the company opened its first concept store in Aventura Mall, South Florida. On 2004, the company was introduced into the Footwear News Hall of Fame for the comfort of Pliner’s designs. In fact, the owner of the company is so committed to his products that he designs each shoe they sell, and a model fits each shoe in various surfaces before it comes out to the market.

Personal life

Donald J Pliner may be a design mastermind, but he doesn’t have a Wiki. In fact, he keeps his life very private. He is currently 73 years of age and is married to American model Lisa J Pliner, currently creative director of the company. They never became parents. Donalds’ current net worth is unknown, but her wife has amounted a net worth that equals $10 million.