Derek Hough

Derek Hough is known as a popular actor of the film industry. He is also famous as a choreographer and has earned worldwide fame as a dancer of the industry. He is also recognised as a talented singer.

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Derek Hough was born in the year 1985, on May 17th. He has spent most of his childhood years in Salt Lake City in Utah, in the United States. Derek was born to his American parents as the fourth child. He grew up with his four sisters. As he was the only son in the family, he has received much love from his parents. Hough grew up in the suburban area of the town, and thus, he has never got the chance to experience the luxuries of life. He had dancing in his gene. Both his parents and his grandparents were famous dancers of the industry. He has initially learnt dancing from his parents and elder sisters initially. As the actor’s parents also remained busy with different dance shows most of the time, he was sent to a popular dance school to learn dancing.

Derek inherited the interest towards music from his cousins. His cousins are now recognised as popular musicians of the industry. He used to play piano very well as a child. When he was twelve years old, his parents separated. He moved in with his mother. After a few months, Derek was sent to London to carry on his further studies and to also pursue his dancing career. Derek completed his graduation degree from the high school in London. While Derek was in the high school, he developed an interest towards acting. Besides attending dancing classes, he also went to the drama classes.

After completing his high school graduation, he went to the school of theatre arts to pursue his passion. Derek's professors as well as seniors in the university were very impressed by seeing his all round talents in the cultural fields. Derek has appeared in many Shakespearean plays during this time. From the year 2000, the actor started appearing in many dance competitions.

After winning several competitions, Derek stepped into the career as a choreographer. Initially, he choreographed several dance shows. After earning several popularity in the industry, Derek choreographed many dance steps in many popular films. He has also earned several awards and honours in his career. He was awarded with Emmy awards twice in his career for being the Best Choreographer in the industry.

He appeared in the movie Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone in the year 2001. Derek does not share his personal life on the social media. He is also not very active in the various social networking sites. He prefers to keep his personal life a secret from the social media. We could not record any information about his girlfriend or wife or children in his biography. Derek is now leading a successful professional life in the industry and is still holding his position as a choreographer at the apex of the industry.

17 Feb, 2018