Deray Davis

Antoine DeRay Davis happens to be a well known actor as well as stand up comedian belonging to the white ethnicity and based in Chicago state of United States of America. He was born 26th of February in the city of Chicago itself. Davis started showing interest in stand up comedy since an early age. He used to do small stand up gigs in his high school.

Later, as the time passed, he started performing in bigger clubs and for longer durations, sometimes as long as an hour. As he started earning respect and success in the field of stand up comedy, he decided to move to Los Angeles. Here, he went on to win the laugh riot competition organised by the world famous comedy channel, Comedy Central.

One of the many iconic roles he did in his career was that of Ray-Ray in the popular Hollywood movie, the barbershop. He even went on to work in the sequel of the movie, The Barbershop 2: Back in business. Davis has also performed in various skits, mainly for the album of famous rapper, Kanye West! Late registration and The college dropout are two of them.

In fact, he has worked with the globally popular hip hop rapper Kanye West on more than one occasion. They worked together for the making of the music video of Kanye's album, through the wire. Apart from working with Kanye West, he has also performed for many other albums made in collaboration with various other artists like Cassie, Chris Brown, Lil Flip, Three 6 Mafia, and many others.. Some of these albums are Doe boy fresh, Long way to go, Yo, Game over etc.

Davis also happens to hold a decent experience in hosting television game shows. In 2014, he got the golden opportunity to host a decently popular game show, The Mind of a Man. It was broadcasted on The Game Show Network. Apart from hosting shows and working in music albums, he also has various iconic Hollywood movies in his bag. He started getting these roles when he had reached quite a high in his career. Twenty one Jump Street and semi pro are few of his movies.

He has also been associated with several television programmes and appearances. These include various TV programs like Entourage (produced by HBO), Short circuit, Wild N out (both produced by Nick Cannon), Hip Hop Squares (produced by MTV), Comic View (produced by BET) and many others.

Davis also likes to invest his time in various hobbies. Apart from acting and comedy, he happens to be a singer as well, although not a professional one. He owns quite an impressive (as well as expensive) fleet of sports car in his garage. He can regularly be seen driving around the city in one of his cars. The entire net worth of DeRay Davis is around one and a half million American dollars, which, no doubt, he has earned due to his absolute hard work and extra ordinary talents in the field of his work.